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Riverside in Jacksonville, FL, is a neighborhood that seamlessly combines historic charm with a modern, artistic flair. Known for its beautifully restored homes, Riverside is a haven for those who appreciate early 20th-century architecture. The area is particularly renowned for its Riverside Avondale Historic District, which showcases a diverse range of architectural styles.

The neighborhood’s cultural heartbeat is the Riverside Arts Market, a weekly market under the Fuller Warren Bridge, where local artists, craftsmen, and performers gather. Riverside is also home to a thriving culinary scene, boasting an array of independent restaurants and cafes that cater to a variety of tastes.

Riverside’s proximity to the St. Johns River offers picturesque views and leisurely activities like riverfront strolls. The neighborhood is also home to several parks, including the popular Memorial Park, which enhances the area’s appeal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Riverside’s demographic is as diverse as its architecture, attracting a mix of young professionals, artists, and families. The community’s strong sense of neighborhood pride is evident in its active preservation societies and local events.