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How to ship a car cross country?

How To Ship A Car | Cross Country Car Shipping

Moving across the country? Don’t want to drive your car to your destination? With a car shipping service like Cross Country Car Shipping, your car can be waiting for you when you arrive – and you won’t have to drive it a single mile.

But how do you go about shipping a car? What do you need to keep in mind? How can you find a car shipping service that offers reasonable rates and great service? You can find out everything you need to know about how to ship a car in this guide!

Think About The Right Car Shipping Service For Your Needs

There are a few different factors you should keep in mind when selecting a car shipping service. First, you should decide between traditional door-to-door car shipping and expedited car shipping.

  • Door-to-door car shipping – This type of car shipping is exactly what it sounds like. A truck pulls up to your door and picks up your vehicle. Then, it’s shipped across the country to your destination, where it will be unloaded and left in the specified parking spot. If you want a convenient service, this is definitely the best choice for you.
  • Terminal-to-terminal car shipping – This is a more cost-effective service compared to door-to-door car shipping. You’ll drop off your car at a specified delivery point (terminal) and you’ll also pick your vehicle up at a terminal in the destination city. Because you’ll drop off and pick up the car, the cost of this service is usually quite a bit lower than door-to-door shipping, which involves a lot more logistics.
  • Expedited car shipping – You can choose to have either door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal car shipping expedited if you need your car delivered quickly. If you need your car to be at its destination by a particular deadline or within a short time period, this service is right for you. It’s quite a bit more expensive, but guarantees your delivery date.

In addition, you may want to consider how your vehicle will be transported on the truck.

  • Open-air transport – This is the most common method of transporting most vehicles, and it’s the least expensive. Your car will be loaded alongside others on a specialized trailer that allows the transportation of up to 12 vehicles. It will be exposed to the elements while it’s being transported.
  • Enclosed car transport – In this method of transport, your car will be completely enclosed in a truck trailer. Since the truck can’t carry nearly as many vehicles with this method of transportation, it’s typically quite a bit more expensive. However, this is ideal for high-value vehicles like exotic cars, sports cars, and classic vehicles, as it protects them from the elements, vandalism, and public view.

The right choice for you depends on when you need your car delivered, your place of origin and your destination, and your budget. If you’re not sure which method of car transportation is right for you, Cross Country Car Shipping can help – contact us online for more information.

Know The Factors That Will Affect The Cost Of Shipping Your Vehicle

Curious about what affects the cost of shipping a car locally, state-by-state, or across the country? Here are a few of the top factors taken into account by shipping companies.

  • Distance – The overall distance that your car travels will be one of the biggest factors behind the cost of shipping your vehicle. A longer trip means more wear & tear on the truck & trailer, higher fuel costs, and more labor costs – so it also means you’ll pay more.
    Counter-intuitively, though, a long-distance shipment costs less per mile, compared to shipping a car just a few hundred miles. You’ll still pay more overall, though, since it will be going a longer distance.
  • Vehicle height and length – In most cases, you’ll get the lowest rates on cars that are under 189 inches, which is the average length of a sedan. Vehicle carriers can fit more cars on them if they’re shorter. In contrast, cars that exceed 196 inches in length are harder to fit onto vehicle carriers, and will likely incur a higher shipping cost.
    Vehicle height is also a factor. Sedans are the cheapest to ship, since their short height means they can fit just about anywhere on a vehicle carrier. In contrast, large vehicles like trucks and SUVs are much taller – and may need to be transported in a specific position or using a specialized trailer.
  • Vehicle make & model – The overall weight and size of a vehicle also affect its cost to move. A heavier vehicle – like a Ford F-150 – will contribute more to the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) compared to a smaller car, like a Toyota Corolla. Simply put, the heavier each car is, the fewer cars can be transported at once – leading to higher costs.
  • Required delivery date – The sooner you need your car, the more you’ll pay. If you need it very fast, you may even have to pay expedited rates. If you plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to ship your vehicle, you’ll save quite a bit of money compared to rush deliveries.
  • Location for pickup and delivery – It’s usually cheaper to have your car delivered to a major city than it is to have it sent to a rural area, for example. Major cities are on major shipping routes, so it’s quick and easy to drop off your vehicle. Door-to-door delivery to a rural area, though, will require a special trip, and incur higher fees.
  • Operability of vehicle – If your car works, it will be cheaper to transport, since it won’t need to be towed on or off the truck, or towed to its destination. Inoperable vehicles will incur higher delivery fees.

Explore Reputable Local Vehicle Shipping Companies For Your Vehicle & Get Quotes

The next step in shipping a car is to find a local vehicle shipping company to work with you. You should look for a company that’s licensed by federal and state DOT authorities, and is fully bonded and insured.

In addition, make sure that you choose a vehicle shipping company that has plenty of experience shipping cars across the country, and a track record of satisfied customers. At Cross Country Car Shipping, for example, we’ve been in business for over 25 years – and in that time, we’ve transported tens of thousands of vehicles of all types and sizes. You can get more details about our services from our past customers here, or contact us to learn more about our skills and expertise.

It’s often a good idea to contact multiple local transportation companies for quotes. This way, you can compare the prices offered by each company, and choose the one that will offer you the best service at a reasonable price.

Prepare Your Vehicle For Transport

There are a few steps you should take to prepare your car for transport. Making sure that you perform these quick checks and maintenance steps will help ensure a smooth transportation process.

  • Leave your gas tank ¼ full – If your gas tank is too full, there is a chance that it may slosh around and out of your vehicle during the transportation process. A full tank of gas also adds weight to your vehicle, and it will only need to be driven on and off the trailer, so there’s no reason to keep it full.
  • Wash & clean your car fully – You should wash your car and detail it before you have it transported. Why? Because this will ensure that you notice any dings, dents, scratches or nicks that are already present on your vehicle – and if there are any new ones after it’s been shipped, you’ll notice it.
  • Check all fluid levels – Make sure your various fluids – washer fluid, brake fluid, coolant, oil, etc. – are all in good shape and at the proper levels. Fill or change any fluids that are not up to spec, as this will ensure your vehicle operates properly when it’s being transported.
  • Check battery and tires – Keeping your battery charged and your tires inflated properly will ensure there are no difficulties moving your vehicle, so top off your battery and tires before transporting it.
  • Remove all exterior ornaments – Remove things like roof racks and bike racks, as well as any purely decorative ornaments and accessories. This ensures they won’t be damaged during transport.
  • Remove personal items & belongings – You should remove any valuables you want to safeguard, as this will decrease risk while your car is being transported across the country. In addition, make sure you remove any electronic toll passes from your car – otherwise they may pick up unnecessary tolls as your vehicle is transported across the country.
  • Leave your spare tire & jack – Just in case of a flat or another issue, it’s a good idea to keep your jack and spare tire in place so that the truck driver can address the problem.
  • Take photos of the entire vehicle, inside & out – The final step of your preparation should be to document the condition of your vehicle. In the rare event that there are scratches or damage to your car, it’s important that you have photographic proof to show that they are new and were caused during the transportation process.

Ship Your Vehicle – And Pick It Up At Your Destination

Once you’ve prepared your vehicle, it will be picked up at your home or your specified terminal on the date that you specified with your transportation company.

You’ll be kept updated about its location as it’s transported. Then, once it reaches its destination, you can pick it up at the specified date – and drive off! It’s just that simple.

Know How To Ship Your Vehicle With This Guide!

We hope this guide from Cross Country Car Shipping has helped you learn more about the process of shipping a car. While the process may seem complex, it’s relatively simple and easy if you work with a professional, experienced car shipping company.

Ready to get started? Don’t wait. Give us a call at 888-599-1147 to get a free quote for shipping your vehicle – and get the vehicle transportation services you need from Cross Country Car Shipping.

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The Benefit Of Transporting Off Road Vehicles To 4X4 Shops For Work

A 4×4 vehicle is designed to comfortably tackle technical maneuvers over the most unforgiving terrain. After all, what’s the point of owning an off-road machine if you’re not going to put it through its paces once in a while?

With such hard driving, breakdowns are inevitable and you’ll need the services a specialized off-road shop, like Dixie 4 Wheel Drive to get back on the road. However, you’ll first need to figure out the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to transport your vehicle to the specialized shop.

You have two options here: you can opt to drive your vehicle yourself or have it shipped to the shop instead.

While both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, getting someone to do all the heavy lifting does have some clear benefits. These include:

1.  The convenience.

Custom built 4x4s require special care and your local mechanic might just not be up to the task. This explains why clients nationwide opt to come to a specialized shop- they know they have the skills and tools to do an excellent job.

Unfortunately, you might not have the time to haul your rig to an out-of-town shop to get the repairs done. Instead, you can choose the convenience of having it transported to the shop. This way, they can work on your ride, complete the repairs and have it brought back to you in time for your next off-road adventure.

2.  It’s cost-effective to ship vehicles.

Think of all the costs you’ll incur while driving the vehicle to a specialized 4×4 shop yourself. You’ll have to pay for meals, fuel, and accommodation along the way, not to mention the additional wear and tear your vehicle will sustain. The costs can quickly add up.

By contrast, shipping your 4×4 down to our shop saves you money. Auto transporters like us charge an affordable standard rate per mile, with no hidden fees and they’ll give you a quote so you can get an idea of the shipping costs beforehand.

3.  It eliminates the hassle of looking for special equipment.

If you choose to bring your off-roader to a shop on your own, you’ll need to look for a trailer plus another vehicle to haul it here. This might not be a big deal if you have the equipment lying around but if not, you have to borrow or rent it. Why not save yourself the hassle and frustration by letting a professional take care of sourcing the trailer, loading and hauling your rig?

4.  It saves you from making roundabout trips.

Some off road enthusiast clients purchase stock 4 wheel drive vehicles then bring them to a speciality shop for custom 4×4 modifications and upgrades. Instead of making a circuitous trip to pick the car, drive it to the shop and then back home, why not let someone else handle the transportation?

We know just how hectic and expensive transporting your off-road vehicle to a 4×4 shop for work can be. That’s why many shops like Dixie 4 Wheel Drive are happy to make all the arrangements on your behalf so you can rest assured that your rig will be carefully, safely and securely loaded and transported to their shop at an affordable cost.

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7 things to know when shipping a car to Hawaii


If you are moving to Hawaii or for some other reason and would like to ship a car to Hawaii then there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind. Today we will look at the 7 most important things that you need to know before you ship your precious car across the water.


1.) The shipping cost: This should, of course, be somewhere near the top of the list of things you want to know before shipping the car. There is, however, no definitive answer here as the shipping cost depends on a lot of factors such as the weight of the car, how much the car is worth, and the exact distance the car has to be shipped over.

On an average, it would cost somewhere between $1000 to $1500. Keep in mind that the cheapest service is not always the best. Opt for one that has good reviews and has been around for a considerable amount of time.


2.) The shipping time: This again is a very subjective point. The exact timeframe depends upon how your car is being shipped. If there is only transport over water required then it will take around 10 – 17 days but if land, as well as sea journey, is required then this time can go up to almost 3 weeks to a month or even more.

The shipping agency will be your best bet as far as the exact timeframe is concerned. Keep in mind that these times are subject to weather conditions and other factors and there can always be a delay. So make sure that there are no important documents inside the car and that you do not need the car in the immediate future.


3.) Proper documentation: This goes without saying that the car must have proper documentation. You should have the original documents of ownership, registrations, and insurance and emission tests. If any documents are required apart from these as per the shipping agency then make sure you have it before actually shipping the car.


4.) Preparing your car for shipping: This is another important step and is often something most people are not clear about. Make sure that the vehicle has been recently serviced and has no check engine lights on.

The reason for this, is laws can change at any given moment so to be safe have your vehicle already running good before you drive it in Hawaii. Although Hawaii doesn’t have any laws that prevent anyone from driving pollutant ridden vehicles in Hawaii, your vehicle will have to undergo a safety check that can range from $9.00-$19.00.

5.) How to hold the car carriers responsible for any damages upon arrival: Pictures, pictures and more pictures. Take pictures of every part of your vehicle to ensure to you have sufficient evidence in case of an accident or possible theft. Even go as far as taking pictures of the windshields.


6.) Vehicle Arrival Certification: When registering your car with any Hawaii DMV, submit this form if you don’t have the shipping receipt or bill of lading for the vehicle you brought into Hawaii from out-of-state (if applicable).

7.) Before you drive in Hawaii: In the state of Hawaii If you have any pre-existing medical condition, you have to complete and submit a medical exam form to your county driver licensing office to determine your eligibility for a HI driver’s license. And must only be completed by a physician.

Out-Of-State Vehicle Permit Hawaii

You need to Submit this form if you’re temporarily in Hawaii and need to drive your vehicle but won’t be in Hawaii long enough to need a HI car registration.

Now that you are clued up on how to ship your car to Hawaii, why not relax and play some of our favorite driving games?

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auto transport companies

Choosing the Right Auto Shipping Service after Comparing Quotes

For a lot of people, shipping their vehicle is a new experience. This is why you might not be quite sure how to start. You should compare quotes, pick the proper transportation method, and determine a company, set up locations for pick-up and delivery. Thus, a bunch of other things have to be accounted for. If you use professional shipping company, all you need to do is sit back and relax while the crew handles your transportation. This is going to take out all the hassle so you have nothing to worry about.

When you ship your car, however, you want to get a few different quotes that you can compare. You should also take a look at certain reviews and make sure to discuss things with a member of the company to iron out the details because the prices are far from being the only important factor. Collect and compare different quotes and make sure that you make the best decision. The quote is going to be based on a few different factors.

Weight of the car

This is the first thing which is going to impact the amount of the quote. Logically, it would be cheaper to ship a small scooter from one country to another in comparison to a large RV, for instance. You should have a rough estimation of the weight of the vehicle when you ask for a quote. You can search it up online and make sure that this is unloaded weight.

Coverage Costs

For a lot of different quotes, you might need to supply insurance information and check what the actual policies will cover. An insured vehicle is likely to cost less to ship than an uninsured one. This is because certain but not all insurance policies will include coverage of the kind. If the car is uninsured, the shipping company has to take care of it and that’s something which will increase the price.


The last piece of information that you need to provide before you are presented with a quote is the location from which it will picked up and the location that it’s being dropped off. If you drive your car to the pick-up location, this is going to reduce the total cost. Also, if you go ahead and pick-up your car on your own where the main unloading point at the destination is, this will also reduce the total cost.

In any case, you should let us handle everything in relation. We have a friendly and particularly helpful team of experts who will get your car where it needs to be at the best possible rate without any further worries.

Some information sourced from

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ship your car across the country

9 Tips for Car Shipping

Relying on a professional shipper to handle your car transportation is definitely the best way to go. However, there are a few things that you might want to take into account in advance. Here are 9 tips to consider.

  1. Compare the prices

Of course, when it comes to it, you need to be sure that you get the best deal. Of course, you should have a budget which is realistic in mind so that you could compare all the quotes. There are sites such as which are going to make it a lot easier to compare different quotes.

  1. Check for online feedback

This is particularly critical. You can check the Department of Transportation for the licensing of the carrier as he is obligated to have on. You can also use the Better Business Bureau as well as to find additional feedback.

  1. Confirm the liability

The limits of liability as well as the deductibles need to be checked out before you sign off you’re your carrier. The majority of them should offer coverage of at least $100,000, some going as high as $250,000.

  1. Protect the car from the elements

If the vehicle is a vintage, classic or luxury, you will need to request an enclosed transportation or to have you vehicle top loaded. This typically costs a certain amount more but you will have your car on the top of the truck, which means that the contact with the debris of the road is reduced. Typically this is not as important for off road vehicles.

  1. Inspect the car before

You should do so in order to ensure that you are aware of any damage on your car beforehand. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be overly worried about this because the industry damage rate is under 3%.

  1. Leave nothing inside

The majority of the car shipping carriers would require you to empty out your vehicle in order to reduce the weight. This is going to make the overall shipping a lot more convenient. This is why you don’t want to leave anything in the vehicle – also for safety reasons as well.

  1. ¼ gas tank only

This is once again for weight-reduction purposes. The amount should be enough to drive it off to the closest gas station but that’s about it.

  1. Agree on a proper delivery location and a pick-up time

This is important. You need to understand that your car will be dropped off at a pre-determined location that you should agree with. There are services such as door-to-door but this doesn’t mean that the car will be dropped in front of your home – it needs to be reachable.

  1. Have a proper timeline in mind

If you want to ensure that you have your car shipped in time, you might want to make the arrangement a few weeks in advance. Patience is very important and you need to account for it.

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If you need to ship a vehicle across country, you are probably wondering what the total cost would be and what exactly that includes. Because there are so many variables in any auto transport scenario, it is nearly impossible to come up with a one-size-fits-all-quote. However, as the vehicle owner with all the details on hand, you can at least come up with a better idea of what to expect. The following factors are the most common cost-determining variables to help you obtain a better understanding of how the transport process works.

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Shipping Cars Across Country Costs/Prices


If you need to ship a vehicle across country, you are probably wondering what the total cost would be and what exactly that includes.  Because there are so many variables in any auto transport scenario, it is nearly impossible to come up with a one-size-fits-all-quote.  However, as the vehicle owner with all the details on hand, you can at least come up with a better idea of what to expect.  The following factors are the most common cost-determining variables to help you obtain a better understanding of how the transport process works.


Although this is the most obvious factor, it also impacts the total price of transport the most.  If you need to ship your vehicle across a city, for example, you can expect to pay far less than you should plan on paying to ship your car across country.  It also stands to reason that if your definition of cross country is straight from a point on the west coast on a direct route to a final destination on the east coast, you will pay less than someone who needs a vehicle shipped from the uppermost north-east point of the US to the southernmost south-west point of the country.  Of course, one thing you may not consider is that even on short distance transport trips, there is usually a minimum cost involved to ensure the driver and broker receive a worthwhile portion for the work put in.  This basically just means that whether you are shipping your car 10 miles or 50 miles, it is very possible you could stand to pay close to the exact same amount despite the distance being different.


Route is also a high impact determination of transport cost, and this is simply because certain routes or locations may be more difficult and require a driver with a different level of expertise.  This also makes a difference if the route is not common and the driver may be taken far out of his way to either pick-up or drop-off your vehicle.  If you think that may apply to your situation, it may be beneficial to offer to drive your vehicle to a different, more common, and easily accessible pick-up point.  Of course, if your vehicle is nonoperational, this may not be an option for you, which brings us to our next point.

Vehicle Condition

Despite the misnomer, this particular variable applies less to the outward appearance of your vehicle, and more to the inner workings.  For example, if your car is completely not functioning, or nonoperational, you can expect a hike in price of transport.  This is simply because most drivers rely on a roll-on/roll-off method of loading and unloading your vehicle, and if it can’t be shifted into gear, they will have to explore other methods of loading.

Vehicle Type

This speaks mostly to the year, make, and model, because every individual vehicle has different needs.  It also makes a major difference when looking at the actual vehicle type, such as a standard sedan, a dually pickup truck, a recreational vehicle, or something else entirely.  A lot of the cost determination relies on how much space your vehicle takes up, as well as how much it weighs.  Not all transport companies are equipped to deal with all different types of vehicle, so make sure you are very upfront about what you require.

Your Personal Preferences

Although, you may not be familiar with the auto transport industry, there are certain individuals who have experience and therefore have specific preferences about how they want their transport to go.  For instance, they may prefer that their vehicle is shipped in a closed container, versus an open carrier.  Others may opt for higher levels of insurance than what automatically comes includes in the transport package.  If you think one of these options may benefit you, then by all means, request details, but keep in mind, that many of these additions come at a higher price.

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Ship Car to Another State


When shipping your vehicle from state to state, you will need to make sure you are well educated in the transport process, so you aren’t taken advantage of and you end up with a successful shipping experience.  Because the average person doesn’t have a lot of experience with the auto transport industry, this guide will help you figure out the process and fully prepare to find the best auto transport company to fulfill your needs.

  1. Do your research.

Everyone has different requirements, and all auto transport companies have different specialties.  In order to find a company that best matches your specific needs, you will need to spend some quality time doing research online.  Of course, if you have a trusted confidant who can provide you with a referral to get started, then definitely take advantage of that.  Since most people rarely deal with the transport industry, you will probably have to start from scratch researching your options.  The internet provides a wealth of information, but not all of it is terribly reliable, so make sure you cross check using consumer review websites before committing to any one company.

  1. Determine your own needs.

Once you have a general feel for this elusive industry, you can probably make a list of your own wants and requirements.  Do you prefer door-to-door transport?  Or are you willing to drive to a pick-up location?  Does your vehicle necessitate additional insurance?  Or are standard industry limits adequate?  Would your prefer the more common open carrier truck or do you require a closed container?  All of these are questions you must ask yourself before contacting a company to obtain a quote.

  1. Gather a handful of quotes.

Once you have figured out your own requirements and found a list of potential companies, the next step is to collect quotes so you can easily compare and contrast what is available.  It is recommended to obtain approximately 3-5 quotes before making your decision.  Beware companies that force a hard sell, because those that offer the best service and best value know that the numbers will speak for themselves.  Be patient, and as long as you have allowed yourself adequate time to prepare, you will be able to find the perfect match in an auto transport company.

  1. Go with your gut.

The information you find online and the quotes you compare do not always tell the whole story.  First impressions are so important and it is crucial that you follow your own intuitions.  Seek out a company who truly cares for their clients and more importantly, their clients’ cars.  If you have a customized or unique vehicle, find a company that has experience working with that type, not just a company looking to make a quick buck. Quality auto transport is difficult to find, but with a little patience and a whole lot of perseverance, the right company for your state to state shipping is out there waiting.

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Car Transportation Services State to State

Auto transport is an elusive industry that you only need to deal with in very specific situations.  The most common of these situations is required auto transport due to relocation.  Whether you are moving from one state to the next over, or you require transport all the way across country, you need to find a professional to handle this aspect of the move.  Although the costs can be significant, the value is palpable.  Not only will you save your vehicle the wear and tear a long road trip creates, but you will also save your sanity by not being stuck behind the wheel for hours on end.  If you haven’t previously dealt with enlisting the help of an auto transport company, there are some key points you need to remember when finding options online.

Auto Transport Requirements

Professionalism – If the website of a potential company looks shoddy, riddled with typos, and thrown together, chances are you can expect the same sub-par service from the company itself.  Also, pay attention to first impressions.  You want to work with a company who knows the industry well and is prepared to offer you a comprehensive and specialized quote based on your needs.  Some agents will attempt to pressure you into committing upon first contact, but those who truly offer the best value and service will let her their quote and presentation speak for itself, trusting that they will still win your business.

Quality Experience – While some auto transport companies may boast about the volume or quantity of transport jobs they have completed, they may not have maintained a good reputation because their focus is misplaced.  Quality always trump quantity, so you will want to request references and do research on the company’s past.  A couple places to start are consumer online review websites, such as Yelp, and of course, verifying the company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau.  Even if companies have had issues in the past, the speed and willingness to rectify the situation is a great way to judge quality and integrity of service.

Flexibility – Every auto transport situation is unique in its own way, whether it be a customized vehicle, a rarely traveled route, or something else entirely, so most companies should offer flexibility in their shipping packages.  Find a reputable company willing to listen to your needs, who offers a package that meets your expectations while staying within budget.  Conversely, recognize that you must also be flexible, especially when it comes to pick up and drop off time frames, accept that these are fluid dates, and much can happen to change the dates once the shipping process is underway.

Using just these three basic traits to weed out the bad apples and narrow down the potential companies you are considering is a great start to the auto shipping process.  Once you have found a good fit in a reliable, affordable company, you will already be on the fast track to a successful car transportation experience.

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Benefits of Hiring West Coast Movers

Moving services

Become allied with West Coast Movers

Making the decision to move can be a stressfulone. Even more so when you start thinking about all of your belongings and how yougoing to get them all to your new location. Moving on your own can be intimidating so why not become allied with a mover?

Take a look at the top four reasons you should hire West Coast Movers Company and see if it’s the right choice for you!

West Coast Movers Company insurance

Most movers offer an insurance policy, which aims to protect your items during transportation. If something you own is damaged while in the possession of the moving company, they will pay to have it replaced or repaired. No cost to you!

West Coast Movers Company ally!

West Coast Movers Company is allied with you. They are on your side and they want whatever it is that you want. You will never have to fight or stress about a price because they are willing to work with you and your needs. This is great because you will rarely have to worry about staying within your budget since the company will make sure that they do so.

West Coast Movers has done this before!

West Coast Movers have been through the moving process dozens of times! They understand your stress, they understand how to make the process flow smoothly and they understand what you are going through. Movers have all of the necessary equipment needed. They know how to load all of your boxes properly and efficiently. They’ve done this before! Let them help you.

No more stress!

This cannot be said enough. Allying with a mover takes such a load of stress right off your shoulders. West Coast Movers take care of transportation, loading and unloading, scheduling, timing and payment methods. They’re job is to take as much stress off of you as possible. The only tasks you have are to pack up your belongings and move on to your destination!

West Coast Movers moving on your side

Remember that West Coast Movers moving and Storage Company are allied with you. They are on your side and they can take so much stress off of you so all you need to do is be excited for the big day! That is exactly what you will get from West Coast Movers. Your only duty is to ask!


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