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Ship Across Country Rates

Regardless of whether you are relocating for work or for your family, shipping your car is critical. Driving your car cross-country might be rather dangerous and it would be better if you hired a shipping company. Most people avoid hiring a company due to the high cost. However, it is not necessary that shipping your vehicle is expensive. Even though the cost is usually the most important factor, so here is how it is calculated.

Distance and the Location

The distance as well as the target location is going to affect the overall price of your transport. More mileage usually adds up to the cost. However, the truth is that a shipping of about 2000 miles might not be the expensive service you think it is. The location of the shipping, however, remains the more important factor of both.

Vehicle type

This is also something very important. The type of the vehicle is going to determine the price. You can expect to pay a certain amount for a Honda Civic, for instance, and a lot more for a Honda Accord. The dimensions of the vehicle as well as how expensive it is will definitely play a huge role.

Condition of the Vehicle

Running and not running cars have different costs when it comes to the transport. The transporting companies will consider the car to be running when it’s capable of moving on its own. This is going to be the more cost-efficient type of transportation.

Vehicle Modification

If your vehicle has been lofted or lowered, for instance, or if it has larger tires and rims, this is going to costs you additionally – you should be aware of it. What is more, non-permanent modifications on the exterior of the car should be removed if you go for open-air shipping.

Type of Transportation

This is a decisive factor. For instance, an open trailer is definitely going to be cheaper than an enclosed one. However, you should take into account the requirements of your vehicle. If it’s very expensive, you might want to ensure the maximum protection which is available.

Season to Move

This is also something which is going to affect particular routes. Even though it’s not a factor for all of them, certain ones are most definitely affected considerably. For instance, if you want to ship to Scandinavian countries, you might want to refrain from doing so during the winter.

Current price of fuel

Of course, this has to be the most decisive factor. The price of fuel is going to determine, alongside the overall cargo, how much it’s going to cost you to get your car from one country to another. As you can see, there are quite a few different factors to consider. This is going to be critical when you handle the shipping.

When you work with Cross Country Car Shipping service, we ensure that your auto transportation is affordable and fits your budget. We customize your quote to suit your vehicle requirements. Whether you need to move your vehicle in a vehicle transporter or open trailer, we’ll work accordingly.