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Shipping Car Cross Country Average Cost

Now, if you’ve found yourself wondering about shipping car cross country and the average cost, you are certainly not the only one. This process is rather complicated and costly. A lot of people assume that the rates are particularly expensive and they would prefer to drive the vehicle to the destination itself. However, auto shipping services could actually be rather affordable, if you know how to choose the best options and how to get the best deal. If you do your proper research, you will be able to discover that everything depends on a few different factors.

Factors which affect the shipping cost

Of course, one of the most considerable factors is the distance that your car has to travel to the destination. For example, the regular cost for coast-to-coast shipping is about $900. Nevertheless, this cost isn’t going to be the same if you want to ship from NYC to Florida, for instance. This will cost you about $600. Remember that the longer the distance is, the more you need to pay.

Options for the shipping are important

The size of your vehicle is also going to play a significant role in figuring out the total price of the shipment. Larger cars are going to be more expensive to ship in comparison to smaller ones. The reason is logical – they take more space on the freight ship. At the same time, the option you choose is also an important factor. Open carrier shipping, for example, is far less expensive in comparison to enclosed carriers. However, the latter will provide you with a lot more protection.

Tips for getting the best deals

As we mentioned above, being able to get the best deals is also something particularly important. If you haven’t used such services, it might be a good idea to ask the shipping company some of the following questions.

  • How much would it cost with an enclosed carrier?

The default would be for you to use open carrier as they are about 60% cheaper. However, if you want to ensure the safety of your car, you might want to find out your options.

  • How much would it cost to use door-to-door services?

This is a very comprehensive service which is going to get your car picked up from your door and delivered exactly where you want it.

  • Will it be cheaper to ship from a different city?

This is also something that could save you some money. If you can drive to a nearby city which is easier for the company to use, this might turn out to be a great deal to consider.

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