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How Car Shipping Quotes Are Calculated

How Car Shipping Quotes Are Calculated

One of the most sensitive issues in vehicle transport is about the determination of car shipping quotes. Since people are just reeling from the global economic crisis, the issue of money is still a sensitive topic amongst many. To help you understand this complex issue, the following factors should be taken into account.

First, car shipping quotes depend on the make and model of the vehicle you are transporting. Apart from that, the issue of its weight and year of manufacture will also play a big role. This is because of the fact that weight is one of the determining factors on how much you are going to pay to ship the car. On the issue of make and model, having an expensive car will most likely result in the enclosed auto transport which comes with a high vehicle transport quote unlike the open carriers which fetch a low quote.

Secondly, you will need to realize that the pickup and drop off locations matter a lot in calculating the auto shipping quote. If you are plying on a route dotted with car shipping companies e.g. Florida and New York, you are likely to pay less due to the high competition among the car movers in such a common route. Additionally, the distance that you want to ship the car will also make a big difference in the quote that you are going to pay. This is why there is a huge difference between the transport rate charged by the interstate car shippers and those operating internationally since the distance between states is much less than the one between overseas countries.

Finally, you should know that it costs less to ship a car during the winter than in summer. This is due to the reason that the summer period is considered peak season by the vehicle transport companies due to the high number of people transporting their vehicles. You would therefore be more likely to get a low car shipping quote in winter than in the summer.