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Can I Hire Someone to Drive My Car Across the Country?

Can I Hire Someone to Drive My Car Across the Country?

Do you need to drive your car across the country, but you are not able to do it? Maybe you are thinking someone else can do it for you, but you don’t know which option is the best and the safest. Let’s explore what you can expect if you decide to hire someone to do it, and what other options are available on the market.

Driving the Car Across the Country

Even though there are many drivers and companies that can offer this service, and it’s definitely possible, there are also a few downsides to it. If you consider having someone drive your car for so many miles, you might want to keep a few things in mind:

It’s not just about how much it costs to fill in the tank, but you also need to consider the fee of the driver, the tolls, food, accommodation, and so on. You will also need to purchase insurance to ensure the value of your car will be covered in case of an accident. All that can add up quickly.

  • Finding Someone to Drive Your Car

There are companies out there that can help you find reliable drivers. Or, you can ask someone you already know and trust. Keep in mind that they also have to return and you will have to pay for that trip too.

  • The Trip Itself

The trip itself can be very stressful and tiring, especially if you have to drive for several days to get to your destination. That’s true even if you hire someone to drive your car. As such, the risk of being involved in an accident, getting stuck in traffic or simply damaging your car increases. Not to mention, the miles you are adding increase the wear and tear of your vehicle.

Alternatives to Hiring a Driver

There might be a good reason for you to want to hire someone to drive your car across the country, but you should also consider some alternatives to transporting your car, such as hiring a car shipping company.

Depending on the car you have, you can choose from different shipping options.

  • Open single car transport where your car is hauled or transported onto a truck or trailer.
  • Enclosed single car transport where your car is transported in an enclosed trailer. This offers more protection to your car.
  • Multiple car shipping where the company ships up to 10 cars at the same time, making this service fuel-efficient, and, thus, cheaper.

Benefits of Working with a Cross Country Car Transport Company

  • Costs much less than hiring a driver
  • It’s quick and simple to arrange
  • There’s no wear and tear
  • Door to door delivery options
  • They offer insurance
  • It’s safer
  • It can protect your car, especially if it’s a classic, sports or luxury car

Cross Country Car Shipping Can Help You

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