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Chandler’s Best Vehicle Transport Options

Chandler’s Best Vehicle Transport Options

Chandler’s Most Affordable Car Shipping

Serving Maricopa County for almost 30 years, Cross Country Car Shipping has separated itself from the rest of the industry by providing cheaper rates, top notch service and more flexibility of choice than our competitors.

All of our auto carriers have satellite tracking capability for real-time updates and we provide several shipping options, including open-air, enclosed container, terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door car shipping options. We don’t just transport cars either! Take a look at some of the many types of vehicles we transport:

  • Classic cars and trucks classic car shipping
  • Institutional vehicles for government and educational facilities
  • RVs, fifth wheels and campers
  • Motorcycles, choppers, Harleys and racing bikes
  • POVs for members of the armed forces
  • PEVs and alternative energy autos

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Car Relocation Services in Chandler, AZ

Shipping For Car Buyers

One of the benefits of technology is that we now have access to products and services that were previously out of our reach, and the auto industry is no exception. With sites like Ebay and Craigslist, it’s easy to shop around to find the exact car you’re looking for. For new and used car buyers, online or offline, we have a number of affordable shipping options that allow our customers to cast a wider net when searching for a vehicle.

Cross Country and Long Distance Movers

Many of our customers are moving more than just a car when they contact us for a free quote; some are moving their families, changing jobs or relocating to Chandler for another reason. After making moving arrangements, these customers are often tasked with finding a separate service to ship their cars, which is where we come in. The official city website has a helpful section with tips for those who are moving to Chandler.

Rare, Classic and Antique Autos

Owners of classic, rare or antique cars take great care in restoring and preserving the condition of their cars, which is why we offer a number of specialty services for autos that require an extra level of care and attention to detail. We have specialized car carriers designed specifically to safely secure cars of all types, shapes and sizes.

Auto Dealerships and Rental Companies

Dealerships and car rental companies are among our most regular customers simply because they often require an entire inventory of cars shipped at one time. Few companies have the equipment, facilities and cost-efficiency that we offer, which is why we are such a popular choice with local auto sales and rental industry.

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