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Cross Country Towing FAQ – How to Get Your Car Towed Across the Country

Cross Country Towing

Cross Country Towing FAQ – How to Get Your Car Towed Across the Country

If you are moving or are in a situation that requires you to tow your car across the country, there might be a few things that will come in handy to know before you start the process.

Cross Country Towing FAQ

How Do I Choose the Right Company?

This might be obvious, but still an important task. When it comes to deciding on the best way to tow your car, spend a lot of time researching various shipping companies before choosing one.

Your car is one important item, and it can be stressful to leave it handled by an unknown company, or even do it yourself. After you’ve set the dates and the destination is clear, find a trusting and reputable transport company to tow your car. Get a quote from them and let them assist with all the preparations.

Which Type of Trailer Should I Choose?

The majority of the companies will rent out the necessary equipment for your car to be safely towed. There are two types of towing systems, or trailers:

Cross Country Towing FAQ
  • Car dolly – This system allows the front wheels of your car to be supported while the back wheels are on the ground as if the car is on the road. The car is secured by using straps and chains that ensure safety during transit. This option is suitable for less heavy vehicles, up to 4000 lbs.  It’s also important to know that this option is possible as long as your car does not have a low front side.
  • Car trailer – This option means that a transporting trailer carries the entire vehicle on a platform. It can carry a vehicle that weighs up to 5000 lbs. It offers an extra safety system which makes it safer than a car dolly. Compared to the dolly, the trailer will keep the car above the ground, preserving the wheels.

As for what is the best option for you, it comes down to the type of car you have, how much it weighs, and the distance.

Can I Tow My Car Behind a Moving Truck?

This can be a tricky option as it limits a lot of the maneuvers while driving. Know that this option also comes with increased difficulty when parking, reduced visibility, and other side effects. You need to drive slower and that can affect the time you will need to be in transit. You will also have to make sure that the car is properly attached and even stop to inspect it to avoid any potential accidents or hazards.

What Are the Costs of Towing a Car Cross-country?

What Are the Costs of Towing a Car Cross-country?

Inform yourself of the options and costs different companies offer. Keep in mind that distance, type of vehicle, and transport can influence the final costs of towing your car across the country.

Get as much information as you can before towing your car so that you can make an informed decision.

If you are looking for a reliable shipping company to tow your car across the country, then you should check what Cross Country Car Shipping has to offer.