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Ship An Auto Cheaply Without Sacrificing Quality of Service

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Ship An Auto Cheaply Without Sacrificing Quality of Service

At Cross Country Car Shipping, we realize that you have a lot of options when choosing a company to relocate your car, truck or motorcycle. That’s why we strive to offer the most comprehensive auto moving services available, while still maintaining our dedication to terrific service and affordable pricing.

We operate a large fleet of state-of-the art auto carriers and maintain drop off and pick up terminals in all 50 states so that our customers get the best of convenience and flexibility when it comes to moving their cars. All of our drivers are licensed, registered and certified as part of a thorough pre-hire screening process that allows us to select only the best and most qualified auto delivery professionals. When you choose Cross Country Car Shipping, you are getting the best that the industry has to offer at a price that will make you smile.

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Professional Auto Relocation Services We Offer in Fort Collins

Classic car transport
We move classic cars, antiques and collector cars!

There is almost no vehicle shipping assignment that we can’t handle. Over the years, we’ve moved every type of car you can think of to locations throughout the United States. We specialize in long distance and cross country car moving, but we can also accommodate moves within the same state and interstate moving as well. Here are some of the many people and industries we ship cars for Fort Collins:

  • College and university students
  • Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force & Coast Guard
  • Car dealership and rental inventory
  • City, County and statewide government agencies
  • Professional and work relocations
  • Corporate and executive company cars
  • Individuals and families moving across the country

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Open Air and Enclosed Container Car Moving Options

When you decide that you need a car moved over a long distance, and that the help of professional makes sense, you’ll have a couple choices to make. One of the first and most important decisions to make whether to use enclosed or open air transport.

Open air v. enclosed container delivery

This choice is usually dependent on how much protection your specific car requires while being moved. Open air transport involves a small number of cars being loaded onto a truck, safely secured and driven across the country. You’ve probably seen these carriers on the highway, loaded up with new cars headed for a dealership. Open air shipping is the most cost effective way to move a car.

Enclosed container car transport is more secure than open container because it offers a level of protection against road hazards and inclement weather. Weather conditions are not always a factor, but it’s an important consideration depending on the time of year, location and value of the vehicle.

For a free estimate, fill out the simple quote form at the top of the page or give us a call to discuss how we can help you with your car transport needs in Fort Collins!

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