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Hartford’s Affordable Auto Relocation Professionals

Hartford’s Affordable Auto Relocation Professionals

Types of Cars We Transport In Hartford

At Cross Country Car Shipping, we provide a wide variety of services for car owners and buyers of all types to locations all over the United States. Whether you’re a single parent moving from Hartford to Los Angeles for work, or a company that needs an entire fleet of corporate vehicles moved from Texas to Hartford, we have a high quality solution that will work for you at a price that’s pleasantly affordable. Here are just a few examples of some of our most frequent customers:

  • New and returning college students
  • Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and Coast Guard POVs
  • Antique car collectors
  • Entrants to auto shows
  • Professional drivers and competitive racers
  • Car dealerships and auto rental companies
  • High-end, luxury and exotic car owners
  • Classic and muscle car collectors
  • Alternative fuel autos and plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs)

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There’s More Than One Way To Ship A Car

If you’ve never done it before, interstate car moving may seem pretty simple and, for the most part, it is. Your vehicle gets loaded onto an auto carrier, either with other cars or on its own, and a driver takes it to its destination. There are, however, different ways to have a car delivered over a large distance, depending on what your needs are. The standard method of delivery (and also the cheapest) is terminal-to-terminal shipping with an open-air carrier. This means that several cars are loaded onto an auto carrier at a drop off terminal and driven to a pick up terminal nearest the destination. You’ve probably seen open-air carriers on the highway transporting several cars at once, either to a dealership or a car rental agency.

Hatford car movers
Hartford Long Distance Auto Relocation Specialists.

Another option is to have vehicles delivered directly to your door, either using an open-air carrier as mentioned above, or more commonly, in an enclosed carrier that moves fewer cars, sometimes as few as one. This method offers an extra layer of security that is preferred for some customers, especially if moving a high value or one-of-a-kind auto. To summarize, the main options to consider when looking at hiring a professional to ship your vehicle are enclosed versus open container and terminal delivery or door-to-door. There are also other considerations such as additional insurance, hard and soft container transport and the method of securing the car to the transport carrier.

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