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The Cost of Shipping A Car in Mobile, Alabama

The Cost of Shipping A Car in Mobile, Alabama

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There are several factors that affect the cost of shipping a car. Among them include the type of vehicle, including make and model, the pick up location and destination, any specially handling required and of course, the method of shipment.

The cheapest way to transport a car is by using terminal-to-terminal open air transport. Terminal-to-terminal transport means you drop off your auto a designated terminal, of which we maintain in every major city across America, and pick up your car at a terminal nearest the final destination.

Transporting a standard car from LA to New York–one of the longest auto transport routes–using terminal to terminal transport with an open air carrier would typically be between $1,200 and $2,000. Of course, the cost will vary depending on the specific details of your vehicle, as well as the number of spots and routes available for your location. To ensure you’re making the best choice, it’s generally a good idea to review safety reports for auto shipping companies before making your final decision.

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Mobile’s Trusted Car, Truck and Motorcycle Transportation Professionals

With over 25 years of experience in the long distance vehicle transport industry, Cross Country Car Shipping has experience moving just about type of vehicle you can think of. Over the years, we have built a network of carriers, routes, terminals and storage facilities throughout the United States that few companies can rival. We operate year round and are capable of accommodating virtually any auto transport request in Mobile, including the following:

  • Classic, antique and high-performance cars shipping a muscle car
  • Trucks, pickups and service vehicles
  • Motor homes, RVs, buses and vans
  • Fifth wheels and tractor trailers
  • Motorcycles, off road vehicles and ATVs
  • Boats and other watercraft
  • Construction equipment and oversize vehicles
  • Large fleets and dealership inventory
  • Government and military vehicles
  • Corporate auto relocations

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Long Distance Auto Transport Options in Mobile

We’ve mentioned that the cheapest way to move a car in Mobile is by using open air transport and terminal-to-terminal transport; however, there are other options. We’ll go over the basics.

Open air transport

This is the type of car shipping you’re probably most familiar with. When you see a semi with several cars loaded onto the back (often headed for a dealership), that is open air transport. While cost effective, it does leave your auto vulnerable to inclement weather conditions.

Enclosed transport

Offering an extra level of security and safety, enclosed transport keeps you car or truck away from prying eyes and protects it from the elements. If you’re moving a high value, rare or high-performance vehicle, enclosed transport is the best option.

Terminal-to-terminal shipping

As outlined above, this is the cheapest way to ship a car, in combination with the open air transport option. Terminal-to-terminal shipping requires that you drop off and pick up your auto, though the number of terminals we operate usually makes this a pretty convenient option regardless of location.

Door-to-door transport

If you need you car picked up directly from its location and delivered right to its destination, door-to-door transport is the way to go! It’s the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind and the most secure way to ship a vehicle.

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