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Shipping Cars Domestically and Internationally

Shipping Cars Domestically and Internationally

The auto transport industry has witnessed an exponential growth in popularity over the past two decades.  As of 2020, the US car shipping market was valued at $95 million and is expected to grow to nearly $152 million by 2026.  When you take this growth factor into consideration, it’s no wonder that this industry is so competitive.  At Cross Country Car Shipping, vehicle shipping has never been easier.  For over 25 years, we’ve worked diligently to provide a superior level of domestic and international auto transport services for customers throughout the US.

 A brief Word about Our Company

 As one of the best car shipping companies in the US, the goal at Cross Country Car Shipping is ensuring that the auto transport services we provide are as secure, safe, and cost-effective as possible.  As an industry leader and leading provider of shipping cars across the country and overseas, our team of car shipment specialists will arrange for the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle whether it’s for business or personal reasons.  Why not let the best car shipping company professionals in the US put their experience to work for you!

 When we established our company over 25 years ago, we made the commitment to always provide a superior level of service by exceeding the expectations of every one of our customers.  By providing a level of service that is unparalleled in the industry, the most competitive car shipping costs, and a damage free guarantee, we have achieved our goal of becoming one of the top-rated car shipping companies in the US today.  At Cross Country Car Shipping, safe and secure transport is priority #1.

 State of the American Auto Shipping Industry Today

 There are 3 types of companies in the auto shipping industry today – lead aggregators, auto transport brokers, and auto shipping carriers explained as follows: 

·       Lead aggregators generate high-quality leads by gathering customer information and selling the data to different auto transport brokers who then call these customers with car shipping quotes.

 ·       Auto transport brokers are basically middlemen that specialize in matching auto shipping carriers with customers.  Roughly 95% of the car transport companies on the internet today are auto transport brokers.  They’re not involved in the actual

 ·       Auto shipping carriers are car shipping companies with fleets of trucks, carriers, and drivers.  You typically see these hauling 8 to 10 vehicles on interstate highways.  Some employ single drivers while others employ two-person teams that share the driving responsibilities. 

As of this year (2022), the vehicle transport industry employs nearly 60,000 individuals that fill different positions and play significant roles in auto transport companies such as customer service representatives, dispatchers, and drivers.

Terminal To Terminal Service

 How do Auto Transport Brokers differ from Auto Transport Carriers?

The primary difference between auto transport brokers and car shipping carriers is that brokers coordinate car shipping services by utilizing a network of carriers while carriers handle the vehicle shipping process themselves.  A single truck driver that owns their own truck can be a car transport carrier or operate their own car transport service.  These solo carriers typically schedule their car shipping service through auto transport brokers who verifies their cargo insurance, licenses, and US DOT credentials.

 On the other hand, larger vehicle shipment carriers may coordinate and operate the movements of an entire fleet of their own trucks, although they may work with auto transport brokers.  Furthermore, that same car transport carrier might work with other owner-operators if additional resources are needed during peak car transport seasons.  An auto transport broker will work with numerous carriers, both big and small, to serve the entire US while single car shipping carriers may operate in only 1 or 2 regions.

 However, when you search for a car transport company like Cross Country Car Shipping, those search results will often include car transport management companies such as Montway auto transport and other carriers such as Sherpa auto transport.  Car transport management companies manage the entire vehicle shipping process from start to finish including: 

·       coordinating the shipment

·       handling any glitches and other issues that may arise

·       keeping customers updated about the status of their vehicle while in transit

·       making sure their car arrived on time

 Just because there’s lots of diversity in the auto transport industry doesn’t mean you should just flip a coin and pick the cheapest carrier you find.  There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing one over the other.  Plus, each one offers certain benefits that the others don’t.

 Similarities between an Auto Transport Broker and Auto Transport Carrier

 The most obvious similarity between an auto transport broker and an auto transport carrier is that both of them work directly with the customer to coordinate their vehicle shipments.  However, the similarities don’t end there.  In fact, the lines between these different entities are sometimes blurred.  Although there are auto transport companies that act solely as auto transport brokers or as car transport carriers like Cross Country Car Shipping, there are many that fall in between. 

For example, there are licensed auto transport brokers that own their own truck fleet.  This would classify them as an auto transport broker-carrier.  Conversely, some car shipping carriers work with independent owner-operators and thereby act as brokers despite not using the word “broker” in their advertising and marketing.  Most of these companies, whether they’re auto transport brokers or carriers, will advertise that they’re full-service companies.  This oftentimes makes the choice of company a difficult one.

 Why should You work with an Auto Transport Carrier?

 Relocating to another city or state can be an exciting experience . . . . until you have to find the best car shipping company to transport your vehicle to your new location.  This can be a daunting task.  However, there are a few reasons why you should pick an auto transport carrier to help relocate your vehicle: 

It’s may be more cost-effective

Chances are, it will save you money if your work directly with an auto transport carrier instead of an auto transport broker.  This is because working with a carrier directly eliminates the middleman.  Despite the fact that there aren’t any guarantees about saving money when you work with a carrier, if you have a tight relocation budget, this is your most cost-effective option. 

There are few, if any unpleasant surprises

When you work directly with a carrier like Cross Country Car Shipping, only our company will be transporting your vehicle on a shipping route that we’ve determined to be the quickest and most cost-effective for you.  Furthermore, barring any unforeseen issues, the car shipping quote we provide up front is the price you’ll pay in total once your vehicle has been delivered.  There’s not going to be any additional charges or hidden fees to worry about. 

You have only one point of communication

If any issues should arise while your vehicle is in transit, you will be notified directly by the truck driver that is transporting your vehicle.  By communicating directly with the carrier regarding the status of your vehicle instead of a go-between or middleman, it makes solving any problems that arise considerably easier.

 Working with standard car transport service

Granted, there are some downsides to working directly with an auto transport carrier.  For example, if the truck that is transporting your vehicle breaks down, it may cause the delivery of your vehicle to be delayed.  We know of some car transport companies that don’t place a high priority on communication.  Unlike other companies that are only in the car shipping business, Cross Country Car Shipping is also in the business of delivering superior customer service as well.

Domestic Auto Transport

 Whether you’re moving across the US to be closer to family, for a new job, or any other reason, transporting and delivering all your personal household items and your vehicles in good condition and on time is paramount.  That’s why it’s important to choose a car shipping company that is not only honest and reputable, but one that provides the best value for the car shipping prices they charge. 

We currently offer reliable auto transport services to all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii.  Whether it’s every major US city and their suburbs or even remote rural areas, we have the personnel and the resources to ensure the safe and secure shipping and delivery of your vehicle at the most competitive prices in our industry.  No matter if it’s a car, SUV, truck, or van, Cross Country Car Shipping is the right choice when it comes to domestic car shipping. 


What happens from the Time Your Vehicle is picked up until it’s delivered? 

We’ve broken down the easy auto ship process into 3 stages –

1) What happens at the start?,

2) What happens while your vehicle is in transit?

3) What happens when your vehicle gets delivered?

The following will explain the details of each stage followed by auto shipping companies: 

What happens at the start?

The truck driver assigned to your vehicle will contact you prior to picking it up.  They will work around your schedule (or as close to it as possible) to make the pick-up of your vehicle as convenient as possible.  Once they have arrived and prior to loading your vehicle, you and the driver should do a thorough inspection of your vehicle (this is a crucial step in the process).  Be sure to take pictures of all 4 sides as well as the interior and note the mileage on the odometer.  Once these steps have been completed, your vehicle will be loaded on the auto transport carrier. 

What happens while your vehicle is in transit?

Car shipping carriers travel between 400 and 500 miles per day.  The pick-up and delivery of your vehicle will always be scheduled.  In other words, our drivers don’t just show up without notice.  Because the pick-up and delivery of vehicles is conducted on an appointment basis, you’ll know exactly when and where to meet the auto transport driver.  Plus, you’ll have their direct contact information as well as that of the dispatcher and both of their phone numbers. 

What happens when your vehicle gets delivered?

In most cases, we will contact you within 24 hours prior to delivery of your vehicle once we’ve narrowed down a delivery window for you.  We’ll make arrangements to deliver your vehicle at a location and time that’s as close to your new location as possible.  Once your vehicle has been unloaded, you and the driver will need to inspect your vehicle again.  Repeat the vehicle pick-up inspection process to ensure that no damage has occurred and that no discrepancies to the mileage on the odometer exist.

 (NOTE:  If there are any signs of damages, make a note on the Bill of Lading, otherwise you won’t be able file a damage claim against the carrier’s insurance.) 

International Car Shipping

 Do you need to ship your vehicle from the US to an international destination? We offer the best logistic services at the most competitive rates on international car shipping services.  With over 25 years of industry experience, we make international car shipping easy and budget-friendly.  Our international auto transport specialists will help you choose the right services for transporting your vehicle to your overseas destination.  We offer shipments worldwide at the best value for the money while we carry liability insurance.

 Factors to know about car shipment

There are numerous variables that can influence the cost of international car shipping services.  Because of this, our auto transport specialists will customize a car shipping quote, including insurance coverage for your specific international car transport needs.  At Cross Country Car Shipping, our international auto transport services include: 

·       24/7 online shipment tracking

·       inland transport of your vehicle to a warehouse located near your departure port

·       storage when waiting for consolidation

·       US customs clearance and documentation

·       vehicle inspection report including a full dock receipt

·       worldwide international car shipping network to 80+ countries

 Additionally, the following list of items are the common requirements when you want to ship your vehicle internationally.  The documents required may vary based on the destination country or port.  For the most pleasant overseas auto transport experience possible, the following items are required: 

·       country-specific vehicle export requirements

·       keys to your vehicle

·       notarized statement from creditor or lessor

·       photo ID

·       title and registration

 In addition to this, you have a choice of international car shipping options that include consolidated or sole container vehicle shipping and roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) car shipping. 

Types of Auto Transport Trucks We use 

If you need to ship your vehicle from Point A to Point B, you’ve probably discovered there’s more to the vehicle shipping process than picking up your vehicle, transporting it, and delivering it to its final destination.  At Cross Country Car Shipping, we utilize two types of car transport trucks – open transport and enclosed transport.  You’re probably wondering what each type entails, so here is an explanation along with an idea about car shipping cost.

Open Transport

 Regardless of the auto transport company you hire, the least expensive method for shipping cars is by utilizing open transport carriers.  This means that the car shipping company that is transporting your vehicle will be handling several vehicles at the same time which saves on fuel costs, operating costs, and time.  This also mean that the customer will enjoy the savings when hiring this type of car transport.  Affordability is the primary advantage of shipping a vehicle via open transport.

 Benefits of secure transportation

A second benefit of open transport car shipping is that they are the most popular form of auto transport.  Consequently, it’s always easy to find a car transport company that utilizes open transport carriers.  Another benefit of this type of vehicle transport is that the open and exposed trailer enables the driver to notice any damage to your vehicle almost immediately and can contact you to make you aware of the circumstances.  But rest assured, our drivers will do everything they can to ensure that your vehicle arrives at its new location in undamaged condition.

 Risks of open transportation of cars

Unfortunately, there are a couple of drawbacks involved with open transport shipping.  First of all, these carriers offer no protection against weather elements such as hail, rain, snow, and sun.  Nor is your vehicle protected from other hazards of the road such as dust and insects.  Second, cross-country drivers have to stop after so many miles according to ICC and US DOT regulations.  This means parking the open transport trailer overnight which increases the risk of theft or vandalism.

 Reduce mobility during transport vehicle

However, this option ensures that your vehicle and others will be strapped down to reduce mobility and vibrations while in transit.  Furthermore, in most cases, the open transport car shipping method is faster than the enclosed transport option.  So even though you would think that the open transport option is slower due to the number of vehicles being transported at the same time, the scheduling is much easier.  As a result, this often makes open transport the fastest car shipping option. 

Enclosed Transport

 Despite being the more expensive option of the two types of auto car shipping methods, enclosed transport offers significantly more protection against the weather and the many hazards of cross-country and long-distance auto transport.  If you’re shipping your vehicle during winter and you want to protect it from ice and snow damage, enclosed transport is the ideal car shipping method to hire.  Additionally, the enclosed transport trailer adds an extra layer of security if the trailer has to be a parked overnight.

 Space and security during transit

Another key advantage is the fact that your vehicle will be one of only 3 to 5 others in the trailer, sometimes even less than that.  This often equates to a quicker delivery time than what you’d experience with the open transport method.  Unfortunately, enclosed transport car shipping methods only encompass about 18% of the entire auto transport industry market.  Consequently, there is considerably less enclosed transport trailer availability which can make it more difficult to schedule one.

 Is There a Price lock promise?

On a positive note, if you need to transport a classic, custom, luxury, or vintage vehicle, enclosed transport is the ideal car shipping option to consider.  The main drawback to the enclosed transport method is its more expensive price tag.  However, you have to ask yourself if the added protection against the elements and road hazards as well as the additional security from theft and vandalism are worth the added price.  In most cases, you would have to agree. 

Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself if you’re trying to decide between open transport and enclosed transport: 

·       Am I concerned about dirt, dust, pollution, and other road debris?

·       Am I concerned about hail, ice, rain, or snow damage?

·       Do I own a classic or vintage vehicle with a customized or unique paint job?

·       Do I want additional protection against theft and vandalism?

·       Is my vehicle an investment?

 If the answer to any one or a combination of the above questions is “YES”, then you should strongly consider the enclosed transport option over the open transport car shipping option.

 2 Ways to Ship Your Vehicle Cross-country

 In addition to enclosed transport and open transport, the car shipping we offer at Cross Country Car Shipping, includes two types of vehicle shipping services – door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services.  So what does each one entail? In order to determine which option is best for your needs here is a comparison of these two car transport services.

 Door-to-door Auto Transport

 We specialize in door-to-door auto transport, a service that enables hassle-free and stress-free car shipping.  With this car shipping service, we’ll pick up or deliver your vehicle as close as possible to your desired location.  Does this service actually go door-to-door? It can if our drivers can legally and safely access the area outside the door to your home.  In some cases, customers have to select a designated area as close to their homes as possible because of city ordinances and traffic laws.

 If there is a parking lot in close proximity to your home, we can deliver your vehicle there.  With our door-to-door auto transport service, your vehicle will remain in the trailer from the time it’s picked up until we deliver it to your preferred location.  This service offers unmatched convenience and lower travel costs for the customer.  Unlike terminal-to-terminal car shipping (see below), door-to-door auto transport saves you from having to drive to a terminal to drop off and pick up your vehicle.

 Terminal-to-terminal Car Shipping

 As the name implies, terminal-to-terminal car shipping involves driving your vehicle to a designated drop-off terminal where one of our Cross Country Car Shipping drivers picks it up.  Once your vehicle has been loaded onto the auto transport carrier, it is transported to a destination terminal where you will need to pick it up.  There are certain circumstances that may warrant picking up your vehicle at your home (or close to it) and delivering it to a destination terminal.

 This is considered a hybrid service as it is a combination of door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping services.  Similarly, for the sake of convenience and timing, you may choose to drop your vehicle of at a car transport terminal and arrange to have it delivered to your home.  Terminal-to-terminal car shipping makes sense if you live in a heavily populated metro area.  However, there are other reasons to consider using this service:

 ·       You don’t have to wait for the pick up or delivery of your vehicle and can handle these tasks when it best suits your needs.

·       You can arrange to have a family member or friend drop off or pick up your vehicle.

·       It benefits individuals who need to drop off and pick up their vehicles on a specific date or at a specific time.

·       If you don’t need to retrieve your vehicle immediately, you can pay to have it stored at the destination terminal.

·       Depending on your situation, you can have a local towing company drop off your vehicle at the shipping terminal if you’re unable to do so.

 In addition to the above, Cross Country Car Shipping terminal-to-terminal services is more cost-effective than door-to-door auto transport.  Because the carriers who are transporting vehicles from one terminal to another often combine their shipments, this results in a cost and time savings that is ultimately passed on to you, our customer. 

Ship your car with ease

When you are looking to ship a car, it is essential to consider your budget and requirements before you contact car shipping services. Considering your requirements, the company would be able to give you multiple shipping options and the price lock promise, which would help you save more when you ship your car. In the auto shipping industry, there is a car delivered every minute all over the world. That is why when you need to ship your car, auto transport costs need to be considered before you sign the dotted line with the auto transport companies.

What to look for when choosing the best Car Transport Services

 A Google search using the terms “auto transport company reviews” will yield over 120 million results.  If you’re having your vehicle shipped for the first time, it can be difficult when it comes to choosing the best auto shipping company for the job.  You want a quality company you can depend on and one that offers competitive car shipping rates.  Sadly, the auto transport industry, like other industries, isn’t immune to scam artists and their fraudulent activities.

 Deliver on the promise

While many companies advertise the best service at the lowest price, very few can deliver on that promise.  Fortunately, there are 7 things you can do to ensure choosing a car shipping company that is reliable and trustworthy including the following: 

Ask about their payment options 

The best car shipping companies offer several payment options to meet their different customer’s needs.  The company should provide options such as cash, checks, and credit or debit cards.  One of the warning signs that alert you to an untrustworthy company is that they prefer only wire transfer payments since these cannot be traced like the other forms of payment. 

Choose a car shipping company that can satisfy your needs and work within your budget 

Whenever you decide to ship a car, it’s important to fine tune your search for only those car shipping companies that can meet your specific needs and work within your budget.  For instance, if you have a classic car or luxury vehicle that needs more care and attention, be sure to work with car transport companies that offer customizable car shipment solutions that cater to your specific needs. Most websites have a car shipping calculator for estimating the car shipping estimate.

Choose a vehicle transport company with experienced personnel and resources

 As you research different car shipping companies, be sure you consider only those with extensive experience and resources.  Never entrust your vehicle to an average auto transport company that has no history or track record of success when you want to ship a car. It becomes important for the company to have experienced truck driver, when you opt for enclosed auto transport.

If a company offers a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is

 Shipping a vehicle from Point A to Point B takes expertise, resources, and time.  Car shipping companies that offer ridiculously cheap auto transport options should be avoided since they may cut corners that end up costing you a lot down the line, when you ship a car.

 Make sure the car shipping company you are considering is registered

 Keep in mind that the car shipping industry is highly regulated by the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and the US DOT (Department of Transportation).  Every car shipping company should have DOT and MC numbers proving they’re registered.  If not, they may be a lead generating company.  You can check with the FMSCA about the validity of their number.  If the number isn’t valid, do not do business with them.  Checking to see if their insurance and licenses are valid will help weed out ‘ship your car’ scammers.

 Make sure they’re fully bonded and insured

 Choosing a registered company isn’t enough.  The auto transport company you choose should be bonded and insured for shipping cars as well.  That way, you won’t be liable for anything that happens while your vehicle is in transit.  Make sure you know the level of cargo insurance or liability insurance coverage that the company provides.  The best car shipping companies will offer additional insurance coverage.  Even if you have to pay extra, the additional peace of mind is always worth it.

 Read customer feedback and online reviews

 Before you choose any car shipping company, read what their customers have to say about the quality of service they’ve been provided.  There are numerous online review sites that you can research such as the BBB, Facebook, Google, and more.  This can be extremely helpful when searching for information about a company’s reputation.  Don’t just focus on the positive reviews.  Read negative reviews as well in order to see how the company responded to them.  If they have very few negative reviews or don’t respond to them, you should avoid doing business with them. When you want a company to ship your car, the basic information that you need is about car shipping cost. That is what is provided by car shipping broker or the best auto transport company.

 For additional information regarding our domestic and international auto transport services, call Cross Country Car Shipping today at (888) 230-9834. Our business representatives are available to assist you with your car shipping estimate which will help you. They will help you get the cheapest way to transport cars. Our experts are available to provide you with carrier’s insurance when you are seeking car shipping information. Call us today and let us ship your car to the delivery location. Our experts are available in office and online for your assistance.