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The Best Cross Country Car Shipping Service

Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

The Best Cross Country Car Shipping Service

Other than the purchase of your home, your vehicles are one of the largest investments you’ll make in your lifetime.  So it stands to reason that you would want it properly cared for and maintained as long as you own it.  The care and maintenance of your vehicle is also an important requirement when you relocate and have to ship your car to your new location.  Without the proper knowledge of the auto transport industry, shipping a car or other vehicle cross-country could be a challenging and costly task.

 For over 25 years, Cross Country Car Shipping has provided a broad range of car shipping services for transporting vehicles from border to border and coast to coast.  We’ve streamlined the car shipping process so customers have a quicker and simpler time of moving their vehicles from Point A to Point B.  We offer door to door delivery and terminal to terminal shipping services as well as enclosed transport and open carrier shipping options for all types of vehicles.

 Why do People relocate?

 Couples, families, and individuals relocate for numerous reasons, and when it’s a cross-country move, it’s usually easier to have a car shipping company transport your vehicle to your new location rather driving it and putting those unnecessary miles on it.  People typically ship a car for the following reasons:

 ·       buying instead of renting (and vice versa)

·       career changes

·       cashing out your home equity

·       change of scenery

·       COVID-19 related lifestyle changes

·       financial challenges and problems

·       lifestyle or relationship changes

·       looking for a specific school district

·       moving from the city to the suburbs (and vice versa)

·       needing less space (downsizing) or more space (upsizing)

 In any event, Cross Country Car Shipping is the auto transport company you can rely on when it comes to ensuring safe and secure vehicle relocation.

 An Overview of Cross Country Vehicle Shipping

 As the name implies, cross country vehicle shipping is a specific type of auto transport service for moving vehicles from coast to coast in either direction.  Auto transport haulers will usually travel between 500 to 700 miles daily and deliver vehicles within 10 to 14 days after booking, depending on road conditions and the weather.  Entrusting your vehicle to an auto shipping company can be extremely stressful.  That’s why it’s so important to know that you’ve chosen one of the best car shipping companies in the US.

 Furthermore, you want to ensure that you’re getting the best value for the money spent when it comes time to ship your car.  Long-distance auto transport entails a number of logistical challenges.  However, a customer of Cross Country Car Shipping, you shouldn’t be concerned with anything besides paying the shipping costs, unless you opt for enclosed transport, expedited shipping (see below), and insurance coverage.  When you hire our shipping company our extensive carrier fleet can cover the entire country.

 Auto Transport Industry Statistics

 If you’re thinking about hiring a car shipping service, the following 2020 statistics will help you understand why so many families and individuals entrusted their vehicles to an auto transport company: 

·       Auto manufacturers are the largest group of commercial customers.

·       Nearly 1.5 million individuals are employed by the trucking industry, 61% of which are involved in the auto transport sector.

·       Revenues in the car shipping industry were approximately $12 billion, a 12% increase for the 5-year period of 2016-2020.

·       Roughly 60,000 people are employed in the car shipping sector of the trucking industry.

·       The growth in demand for auto transport services is expected to steadily increase well into 2024 and possibly 2025.

·       There are roughly 4,600 car shipping companies in the US.

·       While many car shipping companies offer enclosed shipping options, 82% of all carriers are open-air trailers.

·       While much excitement is focused on self-driving vehicles, most of the changes that are occurring in the industry today are about increased safety.

 Now that you’ve learned some key statistics about car shipping statistics as well as the industry itself, you should be more confident in your decision to have Cross Country Car Shipping move your vehicle(s). 

Auto Transport Brokers vs. Carriers 

One of the more confusing issues in the car shipping industry is understanding how auto transport brokers differ from car shipping companies and services.  However, it’s one of the most important issues to be considered, too.  If you think you’re discussing your needs with a car shipping company but the reality is that you’re actually talking to an auto transport broker (or vice versa), it could be a real deal-breaker.  So how do auto transport brokers differ from car shipping companies?

 Granted, auto transport brokers give you multiple quotes.  However, the final bill might not line up with the original estimate the broker gave you.  Furthermore, brokers provide faster service, but car shippers are more familiar with the transport routes to use and typically have better communication skills.  As a result, the key differences between auto transport brokers and car shipping companies are broken down into these 5 areas:

 ·       Availability

·       Cost

·       Customer experience

·       Insurance coverage

·       Reputation

 Here is the breakdown of each category above and the differences between auto transport brokers and car shipping companies:


 By sheer definition alone, there are considerably more auto transport brokers than car shipping companies.  However, brokers are often easier to locate.  Additionally both types of car shippers have websites.


 While brokers have the advantage of offering multiple quotes, their prices may be lower as well.  Unfortunately, there may be an unfavorable gap between the initial estimate you received and what you’re required to pay when you get the final bill.  While brokers can provide several quotes in a matter of minutes, the car shipping company is actually the entity that will be handling the shipment.

 Customer experience

 A recent survey of individuals that were car shipping company customers, revealed that most auto transport brokers have below average communication skills and don’t maintain contact with their customers, unlike car shipping companies.  So even though it’s relatively easy to contact a broker for car shipping quotes, they’re not so good at staying in touch with you once a car shipper has been assigned to you.  This is could be a critical issue when it comes to getting a status update on your shipment.


 Unlike auto transport brokers, car shipping companies cannot legally transport your vehicle unless they carry the proper cargo insurance and liability insurance coverage.  But how can you be assured that all car shipping companies follow the same rules where cargo insurance and liability insurance coverage are concerned? One advantage of working with an auto transport broker is that they can verify insurance, licensing, and safety standards of every car shipping company.


 Here is a key point to be aware of.  Many auto transport brokers tend to have sketchy reputations.  Just about anyone can open a car shipping brokerage whether they have any experience and expertise or not.  This can often be problematic for customers that want to ensure the safety and security of their vehicles.  In many cases, we’ve seen auto transport brokers that close their business because of poor customer service just reopen using a different name.  Conversely, car shipping companies tend to be more transparent because they work directly with you.

Terminal To Terminal Service

 Advantages of Professional Auto Transport vs. driving Your Vehicle to Your new Location

 When it comes to relocating your vehicle with your household, you’ll probably be wondering whether it would be better to drive your vehicle to your new location or hire professional and best car shipping companies instead. 

When it comes to long-distance moves, the Cross Country Car Shipping specialists always recommend hiring their auto shipping services.  There are several reasons to consider hiring one of the best car shipping companies, instead of doing the driving yourself.  These include:

 Less stress and worry

 When you hire Cross Country Car Shipping, you won’t have to stress over and worry about getting your vehicle to its new location.  Driving across the country presents many challenges and involves a great deal of aggravation (unless you’re just a glutton for punishment). 

There are certain events you can’t control such as accidents, traffic, and the weather, all of which can turn a great road trip into a disaster.  Choosing to hire a best car shipping companies allows you to relax and let them handle all of the stress and worry when they ship a car.

 Less wear and tear on your vehicle

 If you’re moving cross-country and decide to drive your vehicle to your new location, you need to consider the wear and tear on your vehicle based on the number of miles you’ll be driving.  This might mean dealing with a premature or unexpected trip to an auto mechanic.  In addition to this, you have to think about the type of vehicle model and its actual intended use.  For example, if it’s a classic or vintage vehicle that doesn’t get driven that often, you may be concerned about depreciation.  This is another reason to hire the best car shipping company to ship a car.

 Multi-vehicle transporting capacity

 If there is more than one vehicle in your family, you have to think about how you’re going to get each one to your new location.  This is another instance where hiring an auto shipping company makes more sense than having different family members drive their vehicles.  If you decide to drive the vehicles, there’s a tremendous amount of work required whereas hiring professional car shipping companies will enable you to ship multiple vehicles at the same time.  Open-air carriers are capable of hauling up to 8 or 9 vehicles at a time.

 Peace of mind

 The Cross Country Car Shipping specialists realize that entrusting your vehicle to people you don’t know could be a source of stress and worry.  So it’s extremely important that you find an auto transport company that is reputable and trustworthy.  The best car shipping company are bonded, insured, and licensed which should give you peace of mind.  Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the location of your vehicle while it’s in transit or how soon it will arrive at your new home.  Furthermore, if additional protection is required, we offer enclosed transport.

 Saves you money

 Although driving your vehicle is more cost-effective initially, in the long run, it might not save you as much as you anticipated once you’ve added up the fuel, hotel, and meal costs involved in a cross-country journey.  The more time spent on the road, the less time you’ll be spending on your job and the less income you’ll bring in.  Shipping your vehicle with the best car shipping company is not as costly as you might imagine.  It can vary from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 or more.  It just depends on several factors (see below).

 Saves you time

 As with other top car shipping companies, Cross Country Car Shipping offers door-to-door delivery and terminal-to-terminal shipping services.  With our door-to-door service, our driver comes directly to you to pick up and deliver your vehicle.  If there are restrictions against this in your neighborhood, we’ll meet you at a pre-arranged location in either case.  This can be a real time saver one way or the other and eliminates the use of shipping terminals, while offering price lock promise.  

Value before price

 While price is a key consideration when comparing best car shipping companies, you need to consider service and value first.  The cheapest car shipping prices don’t necessarily mean the best value for the money.  In fact, you need to watch out for those “red flags” or telltale signs that tell you which auto transport companies you should avoid.  For instance, if a company’s car shipping quotes look too good to be true, they probably are.  There’s a lot of truth to the adage “You get what you pay for.”

 Working with trained professionals

 Auto transport companies have teams of skilled drivers who are prepared to handle numerous challenges while on the road.  If the pipe under your kitchen sink is leaking, you’d call a plumber.  So why wouldn’t you contact a car shipping company to ensure that your vehicle gets to your new location safely and securely? 

Our drivers are trained load your vehicle for easy auto ship, into an enclosed transport trailer or onto an open-air carrier.  Plus, hiring an auto shipping company is a much safer option compared to driving your vehicle yourself. With the price lock promise, you can be sure of getting the best prices when you use car transporters and auto shipping broker services.

 About Our Car Shipping Methods

When booking your auto transport needs with Cross Country Car Shipping, you have two shipping options to choose from – enclosed transport and open-air auto transport services.  Both transport options are offered by the best car shipping companies, with price lock promise.  So, it’s important to understand the differences between them as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

 Enclosed Auto Transport Method

 The key feature of this option is the fully enclosed trailer that is used for vehicle shipping purposes.  These easy auto ship trailers are built with 4 sides and a roof in order to protect your vehicle by shipping it in a safe and secure environment.  And the car shipping cost is affordable.

cross country auto shipping cost

Although enclosed transport costs more compared to open-air vehicle shipping, it ensures that your car, SUV, truck, or van is protected against the elements and hazards, and that spells peace of mind.  There are 4 advantages to ship a car in an enclosed transport including:

 Ship a car with Convenience

 While enclosed transport is the least chosen option of the two, Cross Country Car Shipping offers more flexible scheduling where vehicle pick-ups and deliveries are concerned.  In other words, we can work around your schedule.  You’re never asked to work around ours. Whether you need terminal to terminal delivery or door to door service, car owners can be assured of the best service. We are counted among the 5 best car shipping companies in the state.

 Extra vehicle protection

 Enclosed vehicle shipping provides an added layer of protection for your vehicle.  This is especially important if you have a classic or vintage vehicle of significant value to be concerned with.  Whether your vehicle is in showroom condition or it just has a lot of sentimental value, this is the ideal ship a car option to choose when transporting your vehicle across the country.

 Immobility of your vehicle

 When you ship a car using enclosed transport services, your vehicle is the only one transported in a smaller trailer.  We ensure that your vehicle cannot move when it is clamped into place in our enclosed shipping trailers.  This is the safest and most secure vehicle shipping venue we offer.

 Safety and security

 The primary advantage of selecting enclosed transport vehicle shipping is safety and security.  With the enclosed auto shipping option, your vehicle is secured in a boxed and closed trailer and protected against road debris, theft, and weather damage.  You don’t have these advantages with open-air ship a car services.

 The only real disadvantage or downside to enclosed transport is that it does cost more for that added protection and security.  In any case, enclosed shipping is not only the better option of the two, it also provides the greatest value for the money.

 Open-air Easy Auto Ship Method

 Cross Country Car Shipping utilizes open-air easy auto ship trailers to transport vehicles across the US.  When individuals think of auto transport, they typically think of open-air trailers loaded with 8 to 10 vehicles.  In most cases, the truck and trailer are between 75 and 80 feet in length and have vehicles secured on 2 levels, the top level being longer than the bottom.  There is no roof or sides to protect the vehicles from road hazards and the weather.  The advantages of open-air vehicle shipping include: 

Drivers have better visibility during transport

 Visibility is a crucial aspect of vehicle shipping services.  Instead of sitting in a boxed in metal cage, auto transport drivers can see the vehicles while in transit and check their overall condition as well as that of the trailer.  This makes it easier to observe any unwanted changes or issues during the trip.

 Most common easy auto ship method

 It goes without saying that this is the more common auto transport option of the two.  This is due to the higher cost of enclosed transport.  Consequently, it’s easier to book an open-air trailer for shipping your vehicle across the country with car transport company.  Since it’s easier to book an open-air trailer, this can come in handy when given little notice about career or military relocations.

 Open-air auto ship is more cost-effective

 The overall popularity of open-air car transport is based almost entirely on its competitive pricing and cost-effectiveness.  If you’re looking to save as much as you can or are on tight budget, this is a significant advantage to contend with.  Shopping around and comparing the rates of the top car shipping companies is always recommended. Check for price lock promise offered by car transport companies.

 As with enclosed transport services, there are certain disadvantages of open-air car transport services, to be aware of as well.  The two greatest disadvantages include:

 Exposure to the elements and road hazards

 Because open-air easy auto ship carriers have no roofs or sides, this means that your vehicle will be exposed to the weather and other road hazards.  For example, hours in the sun can fade your vehicle’s paint.  Plus, dirt, dust, and grime will accumulate on your vehicle while it’s in transit.  The worst case scenario is that it could be exposed to hail and other storm damage.  This makes open-air car transport the riskier option of the two.

 Increased risk of theft

 When your vehicle is sitting in the open and there is no roof or walls of a trailer to eliminate exposure to the elements, it also makes your vehicle and the others on that open-air carrier a target for auto theft.  If the driver has to stop for the night due to US DOT regulations, professional car thieves could drive off with several vehicles before they’re aware of what is going on.

 So which auto shipping option is the better of the two? When it comes down to deciding between enclosed car shipping and open-air car shipping, it’s really a matter of what your budget will allow and your preferences.  If you’re shipping a classic or vintage car, high-end or luxury vehicle, or sports car, enclosed auto shipping is the better option.  The additional layer of protection and security gives you peace of mind.

 However, if you’re shipping a regular or standard vehicle with Cross Country Car Shipping and you need to save as much as you can, book our open-air car shipping option.  Just remember, the bottom line is not the car transport service and method chosen and the amount of money spent, it’s the car shipping company you entrust your vehicle to.  So be sure to check the credentials of the car shipping companies you’re considering. Now let’s look at door-to-door service and terminal-to-terminal service.

 Door-to-Door Delivery Services

 As one of the best car shipping companies in the US, our goal is to keep the car shipping process as straightforward, streamlined, and stress-free as possible for every customer that hires our auto transport services.  Our door-to-door service is one of the best values we offer, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area surrounding your new location and the locations of our delivery terminals.

 With our door-to-door service, picking up your vehicle at your home is included in the shipping costs.  That way, you don’t have to worry about finding the nearest terminal.  The only difference between door-to-door delivery and terminal-to-terminal shipping services is that it will cost a little bit extra for the convenience involved with door-to-door delivery services.

 You also have the option of designating your new home as the location where you want your vehicle delivered.  That way, our driver will deliver your car to your new location instead of at the closest terminal.  If you read our customer reviews, you’ll see that over 92% of them are positive in nature.  Our past customers have all enjoyed their door-to-door delivery experience even with international shipping.

 If you want the best door-to-door car shipping service the auto transport industry has to offer, we’re the company you can always rely on.  Furthermore, if you prefer to drop your vehicle off at the shipping terminal and have us deliver it to your new home, we can arrange that as well.  So whatever your preference, we will go above and beyond what’s expected of us to satisfy your car shipping needs and requirements.

 Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping Services

 If saving money on your car shipping costs is a priority, we recommend booking our terminal-to-terminal shipping services.  As our more cost-effective auto shippers option, this will be more suitable if you need to save every dollar possible.  Unlike our door-to-door service where our driver comes to your location to pick up your vehicle, you’ll need to drop it off and pick it up at both ends of the move.

 Keep in mind that the shipping companies of 2022 do everything possible to make the car shipping process as convenient as we can by establishing and maintaining these terminals in major cities throughout the country. 

That way, you usually won’t be too far from a drop-off and pick-up terminal, no matter where you’re moving to.  Our pick-up drivers load up vehicles at a centralized location before getting on the road. If you are looking for instant online quotes, check the websites of car shipping companies estimate.  

Once we arrive at the final destination, your vehicle will be unloaded and you will be notified to come pick it up.  The reason that terminal-to-terminal shipping is more cost-effective than door-to-door delivery is because less fuel and time.  Therefore, since it’s more economical for us, it’s more economical for you as well and will be reflected on your final car shipping costs.

 Expedited shipping or Express Auto Shipping companies

 Another one of the outstanding car shipping services offered by shipping companies of 2022 is expedited shipping or express auto transport.  Although many transport companies offer this particular car shipping service, we’ve made a true science of it. 

Sometimes, you need your vehicle shipped across the US on extremely short notice.  That’s never a problem with our car shipping company.  Quick shipping or express auto shipping can be very costly, even with the best car shipping companies.

 However, that’s not the case with our auto transport company.  With our fleet of auto transport carriers, we run many ongoing routes throughout the country from coast to coast. 

Many competing auto shipping companies will tell you that 4 to 8 weeks is required in order to give you the best price on cross-country and long-distance auto shipping.  That’s not how we operate.  With our route-planning software and advanced logistics, we’ve streamlined the express enclosed car shipping services.

If the car owner  is looking for car shipping cost, our customer service representative, would be happy to offer clean car guarantee, along with instant online quotes. You can read customer reviews, get cargo insurance coverage but if you have an inoperable vehicle, it is important to let us know.

Consequently, we don’t have delays because we don’t have to wait for our carriers to be full before we send them out on the road.  Other auto shipping broker services don’t operate the way Cross Country Car Shipping does because, putting it simply, they lack the efficiency and resources to do so. 

Since establishing our business over 2 decades ago, we’ve shipped thousands of vehicles to every US state, Alaska and Hawaii included.  We are counted among the 5 best car shipping companies and offer superior service and the most competitive prices rates in industry today.

 Protected by Cargo Insurance coverage

Every vehicle we transport is protected by cargo insurance coverage and liability insurance coverage while in transit from Point A to Point B.  Additionally, we provide enclosed transport and open-air car shipping options as well as door-to-door delivery and terminal-to-terminal shipping services to all major metro areas in the US.  So, what can you expect when you choose our expedited auto transport services? With this car shipping venue, you’ll enjoy the following 4 benefits:

 Minimum wait times

 When it comes to expedited shipping, you and your vehicle are priority #1.  Since our drivers may have to reschedule their pick-ups and drop-offs to accommodate you, we have to charge slightly more for this service.

 Personal items allowed 

Some car shipping companies place restrictions on what can and cannot be included when transporting your vehicle cross-country.  For example, most car shipping companies don’t allow you to put personal items in vehicles.  At Cross Country Car Shipping, we’ll allow one box or suitcase under 100 pounds at no additional charge.  Keep in mind the truck driver has the legal right to inspect the trunk of illegal items.

 Timely updates 

We provide regular transport status updates via e-mail and phone.  Just be sure you keep in touch with us and the truck driver as well.

 We only need your vehicle and your keys 

As long as we aren’t transporting your vehicle to a location that requires your registration or title, you won’t need to provide the assigned driver with that documentation.  All we need is your vehicle and the keys to it.  It’s just that simple.

 Benefits of Expedited Shipping

 When shopping for the best car shipping companies, it’s important to consider those companies that are the best value for the money and provide the most benefits.  You’ll enjoy the following benefits when you work with the Cross Country Car Shipping auto transport specialists:

 Cargo Insurance and Liability Insurance Coverage included

 Your vehicle will be insured during the expedited shipping process.  Our carriers meet all insurance and licensing requirements before being assigned to your auto transport job.

 Door-to-door delivery

Our expedited shipping door-to-door delivery is available for an additional charge.  Just make sure the assigned truck driver is allowed to park in the street in front of your home so they can load and unload your vehicle.

 Easy car shipping process

 We are constantly transporting people’s vehicles.  This is why we can offer shorter pick-up windows when you need expedited shipping services.  Now you can experience hassle-free and stress-free expedited shipping with shorter wait times.

 Know the driver who is transporting your vehicle

 As one of the top car shipping companies in the US, we focus on communicating with our customers throughout the car shipping process.  We connect with them as needed on a daily basis in order to keep customers updated and share important information with them.

 At Cross Country Car Shipping, we are always prepared to assist individuals, families, and military personnel who are moving on short notice.

 Qualities to look for when choosing the best Auto Transport Company

 There are literally hundreds of car shipping companies to choose from throughout the US.  But how do you know which ones are the best car shipping companies? How do you know which ones you can rely on to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle while it’s in transit?

Most important, how do you know which ones are reputable and trustworthy? In most case, people aren’t aware of what qualities to look when trying to choose one of the top car shipping companies to transport their vehicle cross-country.

 The fact of the matter is that the most successful car shipping companies share certain operational characteristics and qualities that other auto transport companies don’t.  It’s important to understand that no two vehicle shipping services are alike.  So, if see the 7 following characteristics and qualities in the companies you’re considering, you’ll know you’re making the right decision:

 Competitive, fair, and honest pricing

 The most successful car shipping companies always offer competitive as well as fair and honest prices.  They won’t bombard you with additional charges and hidden fees or swindle you.  They’re completely honest and transparent right from the start.

 Easy navigable website 

Another key quality of the most successful car shipping companies is how easy it is to navigate their website.  So in addition to a professional appearance, you need to be able to navigate from one webpage to another quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

 Excellent customer reviews

 Customer feedback and online reviews can make or break a car shipping company.  These reviews have been instrumental in enabling us to continually make improvements in our customer service levels and our day-to-day operations.  As one of the top car shipping companies in the US, Cross Country Car Shipping goes the extra mile to provide superior service by exceeding the customer’s expectations.  (Read what our past customers have said.)

 Good cargo insurance and liability insurance coverage

 Entrusting your vehicle to a stranger is difficult to do.  That’s why it’s so important to find a car shipping company that provides customers with comprehensive cargo insurance and liability insurance policy that protects the most facets of your vehicle’s shipment.

 Knowledgeable and professional staff 

The best car shipping companies have staff members that have the proper certifications and are very professional as well.  The Cross Country Car Shipping specialists will always be courteous and professional when taking care of customers.

 Superior customer service 

One of the many qualities of a successful car shipping company is providing a superior level of customer service.  The company should be available during regular business hours and beyond while being able to answer any customer’s questions courteously and professionally.

 Vehicle shipment tracking

 Whenever you need to, you should be able to track the status of your vehicle shipment and get information about it while in transit.  Anytime you have questions regarding this issue, you can call us at (888) 230-9834 or send us a message via our e-mail system.

 When you stop and think about it, each one of these qualities should be the norm with all car shipping companies.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.  So be sure you do plenty of research into the companies you’re considering.

Reasons to choose Cross Country Car Shipping 

Individuals never think about hiring a car shipping company until the minute they find themselves needing to do so.  So once you discover that there are literally hundreds of these companies throughout the US, you want to ensure picking the right one for your specific needs.  Doing plenty of research is always recommended if you want to be sure you’ve chosen one of the best car shipping companies out there.  Always be patient and thorough.  There are hundreds of these companies hungry for your business.

 If you’re like most vehicle owners, you’re probably wondering why should you choose a car shipping company like Cross Country Car Shipping and how will they be able to best service my auto transport needs? Here are reasons that you should consider our cross-country car shipping services:

 ·       WE are fully bonded, insured, and licensed.

·       WE are more cost-effective than most other car shipment companies.

·       WE ensure the safety and security of your vehicle.

·       WE protect the value of your vehicle.

·       WE save you time as well as money.

 Now you know why you should ship your car with our company. Our auto transport representatives are available to answer your questions and get more clarity on the auto transport cost for your classic cars. You can save money while we offer guaranteed pickup dates and cost effective carrier’s insurance. With the highest accreditation with Better Business Bureau, rental car businesses use our services for moving their fleet worldwide.

 For more information about our cross-country auto shipping services or for car shipping costs, call Cross Country Car Shipping today at (888) 230-9834.