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Shipping Mistakes: How to Move your Car to Another State Successfully?

Shipping Mistakes: How to Move your Car to Another State Successfully?

Shipping cars to another state or overseas takes an investment of time and thought into planning a safe and secure move. However, most people believe that long-distance vehicle transportation is a simple task, which doesn’t require any planning and preparation, as an auto transport cross-country company will take care of the shipping process. But in the end, they have to deal with vehicle damages, delays, unwanted expenses, travel time, and more.

Therefore, to avoid these hassles and have trouble-free car shipping, make sure your planning and organization game is on-point. Also, there are a few vehicle moving mistakes you need to avoid if you are looking for smooth and spotless delivery of your car. So, let’s dive straight into common mistakes that people make when transporting your vehicle from one state to another.

  • Not Researching Your Car Shipping Service


Just like you conduct extensive online research and ask your pals about the best doctor in the town before undergoing surgery, it is vital to know your car shipping partner as well. After all, you’re trusting your favourite or a brand new luxury car to an auto transport company. Although countless vehicle shipping companies are claiming to offer affordable services, not all are reliable. Some of them are in the market to the advantage of innocent customers. If you don’t want to fall prey to these scammers, all it takes is to visit your potential company’s website and read customers’ reviews and testimonials. Do you see more negative comments or reviews than the positive? If yes, it is a sign to skip to the next option. Also, it is of utmost importance to carefully go through your company’s terms and conditions.

  • Failing to calculate shipping estimates


When it comes to shipping estimates, they may vary from one company to another. Please note, most car shipping companies tell their initial moving costs, which means the final price will be different than expected. Therefore, you must request your prospective auto shipping companies to offer a complete estimate with the clearly defined cost to ship a car across the country. Once you get multiple quotes, the next step is comparing the prices and services offered by available options and choosing the most suitable company.

As a thumb rule, always choose a car transport company that meets your needs and requirements, and offer the best return on your investment. The best way to determine whether your preferred company is reliable or not, is to know whether they offer a free online shipping quote calculator. However, you must know that the shipping quote is not accurate. It may vary depending on your location, distance, the time of year, the size of your vehicle, and many more.

  • Not having enough documents


Before getting your car shipped, you need to provide your car shipping company with all the required documents to avoid any problems in the future. If you’re partnering with a genuine auto transport company, they will ask for documents like vehicle registration, bill of loading, and insurance certificate, proving your ownership for the car. In a worst-case scenario, a reputed car shipping company will either delay or cancel your booking. So, to avoid such instances, we urge you to keep these documents ready when your vehicle transport partner arrives at your destination to pick your car. Completing paperwork with correct information will ensure you a smooth and damage-free car delivery.

  • Forgetting to remove valuables from the car


Another common mistake that most people make when moving their car out of the state is not removing their personal belongings from the car. Well, this may feel like one of the convenient ways to get your stuff moved from one place to another, but it is not all preferred for various good reasons. Firstly, your auto transport company will not take responsibility if your valuables get damaged or lost during the shipping process. So, keeping your jewelry, iPad, and other expensive stuff in a car that you want to ship is a big no-no. Secondly, if any officers from the Department of Transport check your vehicle during the shipping journey, they will seize all the valuables kept in there because it is not legal.

The bottom line

If you pay attention to these simple things and avoid common car shipping mistakes, you will turn your burdensome car shipping into the best moving experience.

Are you looking to move a car to another state at a flexible price and time? Feel free to get in touch with experts at Cross Country Car Shipping.