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The Top 4 Reasons You Should Ship Your Car

shipping car cross country vs driving

The Top 4 Reasons You Should Ship Your Car

It’s probably true that for many of you, the concept of having your car delivered to another place, like your new home in another state, would probably sound ridiculous. After all, why have it delivered when you can drive it to your new place? Isn’t that what cars are for?

Well, here are some reasons why it makes more sense to use auto transport, rather than driving your car to your new home:

Because it’s less tiring

Let’s stick with the example that you’re moving to a house in another state. If that’s the case, then by the time you arrive, you’ll be in absolutely no shape to unpack. Given that at this point, you may have even used a cargo trailer to bring your stuff to your new home, how much are you willing to bet you’ll be sleeping in a sleeping bag in your new living room? Why? It’s because you’ll be that tired from all the driving.

But if you did use auto transport services such as ours at, you’d probably have used a delivery truck as well, and just have gone to your new home by train, bus, or plane. You’d be rested enough to move at least some stuff in, and to appreciate your new home immediately.

Avoid Accidents

If you’re going to be doing a lot of driving, do remember that unless there are at least two of you who can drive, you’ll no doubt be taking many rest stops. And even then, your mind would be tired. And if you’re that tired, then mental acuity will go down, and you’d be at greater risk of getting into a car accident, something that you wouldn’t want to happen with your family on board. So take a break, and just have everything shipped or transported. You can avoid possible accidents better, and focus on your family settling in.

Read this link from the FMCSA regarding driver fatigue.

You can keep your car cleaner, and with less mileage

It’s no joke to say that your car will get a beating with a long drive. Can you imagine all those miles piling up, and all the wear and tear your car will get? If you use a good auto transport company, then you will be able to keep your car clean (before you drop it off at an auto transport terminal or depot), and have zero miles added – something to think about if you still want to sell your car in the future.

Save money!

Think about it: the gas, the food, and the lodging costs for your long trip are sure to pile up into a large sum. And you’re not even counting on possible problems like car breakdowns, flat tires and other things that can go wrong – which won’t be answered by insurance. When you use an auto transport service, as long as you make sure that the company is boded and has a good insurance package, you don’t have to worry. All this, combined with your less stressful trek across the country, is surely worth the money you have to pay for having your car transported.