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Atlanta Auto Movers: Insurance and Pricing

Atlanta Auto Movers: Insurance and Pricing

Car Insurance When Having A Car Delivered

An important aspect of any car moving company is whether or not they have insurance, but also what type of insurance. If a company only has liability insurance, that doesn’t do a lot to help you if your car is damaged when they’re moving it. Cargo insurance is what protects the vehicle while it is actually being transported. Some companies only carry liability insurance and the best auto moving companies have both. Make sure you have a good understanding of the services you’re paying for.

Insurance is an importance concern, especially if you’re shipping a high value auto and trusting someone else to do the moving. For more valuable autos, it’s often a good idea to purchase additional insurance to make sure that you are covered for the full value of your car. While every auto moving company should also carry insurance, it is sometimes not enough to fully cover exotic and rare cars. Check with your auto insurance carrier before paying for additional coverage; you may have a plan that covers car transport!

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What Affects the Price of Auto Transport Services?

Getting a free quote on auto transport is easy and most reputable companies that move vehicles will offer estimates for free. To get the cheapest price, it’s important to compare services and pricing between auto transport companies. For the most part, the quotes you receive should be in the same “ballpark.” Here are the factors that go into determining the final cost of car moving:

Atlanta vehicle shipping
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Whether you need a vehicle moved across the state or to the other side of the country, the distance between the destination and current location is one of the primary components that affect the price. As you might expect, door-to-door transport will typically cost more than terminal shipping for this reason.

Vehicle Type
There are different methods for transporting cars and some are more appropriate for particular types of vehicles than others. For instance, an open air trailer might work great for hauling an inventory for an auto dealership, but it wouldn’t be the best option for collectors of vintage or luxury cars that might want more protection during transit.

How quickly you need your auto delivered is a big factor as well. The more notice and flexibility you can offer an auto transporter, the better your chances of getting a cheaper price. The reason being that operating a cross country auto transport company involves complicated planning and logistics to ensure efficiency which involves time to coordinate. Express services are always an option, but you may end up paying more because of it.

Additional Services
If you require any specialty services, that will also impact the price of moving your vehicle. This includes things like additional insurance, enclosed transport, door-to-door shipping, temporary storage, or particular positioning on a carrier truck.

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