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Augusta’s Most Inexpensive Vehicle Transporters

Augusta’s Most Inexpensive Vehicle Transporters

Hiring A Professional v. Do-It-Yourself Auto Transport

One of the advantages of hiring an auto transport pro is that it can save you considerable time and money, especially if you need a car moved across the country, or from one coast to the other. For businesses that have to move a fleet of cars or a large inventory of vehicles, hiring a professional auto mover is a no-brainer. For individuals, it’s often tempting to think you can save money by doing the job yourself.

Letting a professional handle the relocation of your car can make a lot of sense, especially if you need your car moved a long distance. Having your car transported instead of driving it will save you on both mileage and maintenance. Putting 1,000 or more miles on your car over a short period of time can put undue stress on everything from the tires to the engine, not to mention a couple full days of driving.

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The Cost of Hiring Professional Car Movers

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“How much will it cost?” This is the big question that everyone wants to know the answer to. Several factors play into the final cost of  moving a car, most of which have to do with the timeframe and distance being moved.

Driving more than 1,000 miles (roughly speaking, Georgia to New York), will require two full days of driving and two full tanks of gas, at minimum. If you consider the time away from work and the money going in your gas tank, the numbers add up quickly. Add in a hotel room for a night or two and you’re looking at a pretty expensive venture.

Another consideration is the type of auto transport you will need. Are you having your car shipped through a cold weather climate? Is it a valuable, rare or high-end vehicle that requires an extra level of protection? Do you want your auto delivered right to your door? The section below covers the different options available to address these issues.

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