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The Crucial Things to Consider for Luxury Cars Transportation

The Crucial Things to Consider for Luxury Cars Transportation

The Crucial Things to Consider for Luxury Cars Transportation

Exotic cars can be pricy possessions and a source of prestige. Often, these cars are only manufactured in a few select locations. As a result, delivering them to customers can be very complicated, especially if the location is miles away. Or, you might already have a luxury car and want to bring it with you on vacation. Or perhaps you’re permanently moving to another state and need to relocate your vehicle. The situations can have various reasons behind them, but one thing remains certain — driving often isn’t a reasonable option.

Therefore, your best choice is to pick from the top luxury car shipping companies to do all the difficult work for you. But having someone else ship the car for you is just one piece of the puzzle. Here, we’ve compiled a list of important factors and tips that you need to consider to make shipping your high-end car a bit less worrisome. Continue reading to find out more.

Verify the Company You’re Going For Is Registered

Checking a company’s registration status is essential, but many overlook this detail. A company having its own website or being included on a car transport listing website doesn’t automatically mean they are allowed to do business. Vehicle transportation companies must be registered by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) to do business legally. Ask the company representative to give you a U.S DOT number which you can look up and verify they are allowed to do business.

If you work with unregistered businesses, you risk significant problems with your car, and might have little legal recourse.

Experience of the Luxury Car Shippers

The level of experience the luxury shippers you’re working with have is essential. You don’t want to work with a new carrier because you risk running into problems based on their inexperience. You also don’t want to work with a carrier whose safety records are not good because they pose a potential threat to your shipment too.

Experienced luxury shippers know how to handle your luxury car and will ensure they deliver it in its original pristine state.

Insurance Coverage

Luxury car transportation is risky because things don’t always go to plan. That’s why good luxury shippers always have insurance to protect both parties. Therefore, inquire whether they have insurance coverage and what it covers.

Discuss in detail what the conditions the insurance will protect you against. For example, suppose the car gets damaged due to natural calamities like rough weather; will they cover it? What about accidents occurring during loading and unloading? Brainstorm over these scenarios with the company representative and ensure you’re satisfied before closing the deal.

A company not having insurance coverage is a big deal-breaker, and it’s best to opt for another car transportation company that has it in place.

Also, it’s a good idea to seek additional insurance from other companies even after the carrier has done its part. This is important, especially when you believe your luxury car is worth more than the insurance will cover and the insurance from the luxury transport company alone cannot suffice. Exotic vehicles cost a lot of money, and getting enough coverage from a single insurance company may be tricky.

The Company Reputation

What other people think about a particular luxury car transporter is very important. If any of your friends or acquaintances have had experience with the company, ask them to describe the experience to you. Also, go to Google Business and read the reviews left by previous clients. Take note of the compliments, but also importantly, the complaints. Other great places to find customer reviews include:

  • The official company’s website
  • Listing websites
  • The comments sections of the company’s official social media pages

Verified Operating Authority

Before working with high end car transport companies, you must ensure that they have a Verified Operating Authority. To have operating authority, the company must apply to become a broker with the Department of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Before the company is approved, the FMCSA runs background checks to ensure they have all the qualifications for transporting automobiles.

They also have to obtain a brokerage bond of $75,000. Without this bond, the company isn’t allowed to transport cars legally. Once all the paperwork is done, the company is assigned an MC number by the FMCSA. Using this number, you can look up a company on the web and get more insights into its trade data and safety records.

The Crucial Things to Consider for Luxury Cars Transportation

The Season

Luxury vehicle shipping is a year-round business. However, some seasons tend to see a spike in loads. For example, many people require car hauling services in summer because this is when many go for their seasonal trips. As the demand increases, high end auto transport companies tend to increase their prices to pay for overhead. 

You’re likely to pay less if you ship your car during winter. However, there is a high likelihood of delayed delivery dates due to diversions and poor weather.

Realistic Expectations on Delivery

Luxury car shipping isn’t the same as shipping a standard package from Amazon. You have to give the company some room for delay. In fact, a good luxury vehicle transport company won’t give you a guaranteed delivery date. Instead, they will provide an operating window during which you should expect your car.

Over-ambitious advertisers and salespeople may promise you guaranteed dates and delivery times, but this is often not the case. You have to leave a wiggle room for delays. Many factors cause delays, including:

  • Poor weather
  • Interstate traffic 
  • Truck breakdowns
  • Diversions

If you want your car delivered within a short duration, then it’s best to make your order early.

The Cost Involved

Like any other project, reliable exotic car transport requires a budget that best suits your needs. An excellent place to start is to get a free no-commitment quote from the company you’re considering. Once you have a quote, ask the company representative if there are any other additional costs that are not listed in the quote. But don’t just take their word for it. Carefully read the contract and ensure that the listed price is the one you agreed upon. If there are extra additions and hidden costs, have the company explain each one and only proceed if you’re positive you understand how much you’re paying.

Another mistake first-time shippers make is falling for luxury car transportation services that promise them ridiculously low prices. These brokers are trying to get you to set up a deposit. But once you pay a deposit, you might never hear from them again. If you do hear from them, however, it might be weeks later, and they will be telling you that you need to pay more because they could not get a carrier at the price they quoted you earlier. In the end, cheap is always expensive.

Your Specific Needs 

Clients have different needs, which determines how the company will handle the shipment. For instance, if you want your vehicle to be shipped urgently and really need a guaranteed date, the carrier will be forced to forgo some loads to cater to your demands. Many carriers don’t operate in this manner, but you’ll have to pay more if they accept an urgent delivery for you. 

The State of Your Car Before Transportation

There are essential things you must put in check before you hand over your luxury car for shipping. Here are some of them:

  • Fill up the tank to load and offload the car off the carrier.
  • Take photos of your exotic car at different angles, including the interior, the underbody, and the exterior. These photos will be handy if the vehicle suffers any damage during the trip. If possible, take a video of the loading process.
  • Check the odometer and take note of your current mileage. You don’t want your exotic car to be delivered with several miles added to the odometer.

If your car is not running, you should give the luxury vehicle transport company a heads-up. This will help the company make proper arrangements and provide you with a more accurate quote. Usually, in-operable cars will need special equipment for loading and unloading, which will cost you additional fees compared to moving cars.

The Type of Trailer That Will Be Transporting Your Luxury Vehicle

The Type of Trailer That Will Be Transporting Your Luxury Vehicle

There are two main types of trailers used in luxury vehicle shipping. These include enclosed and open trailers. Since you’re shipping a luxury car, we recommend you go for enclosed trailers. Exotic cars have a low profile, while open trailers have very steep ramps making it very hard to load your vehicle.

Even if carriers found a way to load your vehicle onto open trailers, there are still many disadvantages. The trailers will expose your vehicle to dirt, harsh weather, scratches and dents, and, at worst, the prying eyes of car hijackers. These trailers simply put your supercar at risk of theft and damage. So please discuss with the luxury car transporters and let them guarantee that they will ship your vehicle in enclosed and locked trailers to lower the risk of damage and theft.

Inquire if a Company Has a Physical Office

You might contend that a premium car transport service doesn’t need a physical office but knowing that the company has an office you can physically visit when things go south is liberating. You might even realize that the office is in the city where you’re located, making it even easier to do business with them.

The Company’s Region of Operation

Whether you’re transporting your luxury car between different states or countries, it’s essential to know the region where the company you want to use to ship the vehicle is available to accept the delivery. Some luxury car transport companies offer reliable services but are limited to specific areas or states.

The Driver of the Track

This is one detail that’s easy to forget yet vital. Request that the supercar transport company you’re working with gives you the driver’s profile to help you decide if they are the right fit for your luxury car shipping. Go for drivers who have been in business for a long time and hold an excellent safety track record. Also, please take note of the driver’s details so you know where to begin to inquire if they disappear with your car.


Just because you’re shipping a high-end car doesn’t mean you’re undeserving of discounts. Some luxury auto transport companies offer special discounts to seniors, students, and military personnel. If you’re in this bracket, don’t shy away from inquiring if there are any discounts. 

Some companies also offer discounts to people shipping multiple cars at once. So if you’re shipping numerous cars, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. It’s an excellent way to save some money.

Don’t Leave Your Personal Belongings Inside the Car

Leaving personal belongings inside the exotic car that’s being transported is way too risky. Luxury auto transport companies specifically insure the vehicle and not the items shipped with it. Thus, there is no way to file a claim for your valuables if they are stolen or damaged. Some of those items might also damage the interior of the car during shipping.

Leaving your spare tire and car jack inside the vehicle is still okay. These two can come in handy when your car breaks down during pickup.

Inspect Your Car Once It Has Been Delivered

Seeing your car delivered is a relief, but the process is not over – at least not yet. Right after delivery, inspect your exotic car for damages that were not there before the trip. Here are some essential things to do if you spot any damages on your vehicle:

  • Take a photo or a video of the car showing the damages and send it to the auto shipping company. Make sure timestamps and dates accompany these pieces of evidence. Presumably, you’ll have pictures of the car before shipment as well.
  • Ensure that the driver and the company representative have filed damages or losses in the bill of lading.
  • Get a quote from a respected mechanic and present it to the auto transport company.
  • Ensure the inspection document is signed both by the driver and the auto transport company.
  • Present any other evidence to help you claim compensation for damages and losses. 
Inspect Your Car Once It Has Been Delivered

Have Your Exotic Car Arrive in Your Garage With Grace

Your high-end vehicle deserves to be shipped with grace and care. Choosing the best luxury car transport service will give you confidence that your car will arrive in pristine condition. Keep these tips in mind to make the process less problematic. 

Cross Country Car Shipping is an excellent place to start if you’re seeking luxury car transportation services. We have a rich talent pool of professionals who pride themselves in safely delivering cars to clients. Feel free to reach out to us so we can help make the process of shipping your luxury vehicle as simple as possible.