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How much does it cost to Ship a Vehicle from East Coast to West Coast?

How much does it cost to Ship a Vehicle from East Coast to West Coast?

How much does it cost to Ship a Vehicle from East Coast to West Coast?

So you’ve landed that dream job in Los Angeles and have started planning your east coast to west coast relocation.  You’ve booked a moving company, have the moving date scheduled, and are already starting to pack your belongings.  So far, everything is going according to plan until you realize you’ve overlooked one critical issue.  You and your family are all traveling together in your primary vehicle, but how are you going to get your second vehicle to your new location? Well look no further because Cross Country Car Shipping has the solution for that dilemma.

What auto transport options do we offer?

For 30 years we’ve helped clients move their vehicles across the country, with several cost-effective vehicle transport options to choose from.  As your vehicle shipping partner, we provide quick and efficient transport options.  In addition to these different transport options, we provide auto transport services for exotic, high-end, luxury, and vintage vehicles.  You have a choice of the following:

  • Door-to-door transport – when moving from the east coast to the west coast, this option may cost more, but it allows you to us come directly to you to pick up your vehicle and deliver it directly to your new home. This is the most convenient methods.
  • Enclosed transport – this shipping method is ideal for those of you who are concerned about the protection and security of their vehicle.  The enclosed auto carriers that we use at Cross Country Car Shipping ensure the protection of your vehicle against road conditions and the weather.  Plus, it will be safe and secure while in transit.
  • Open transport – your vehicle will be loaded onto a multiple auto carrier with others that are getting delivered, while on the way, to the west coast.  Open transport is designed to accommodate individuals who are budget minded and want the most cost-effective means of transporting their vehicles cross-country.
  • Terminal-to-terminal transport – although this is a cost-effective method for shipping vehicles, it is not the most convenient.  Customers are required to drop off their vehicles at a shipping terminal that may or may not be conveniently located nearby.  They must also pick their vehicle up at the destination terminal that may not be located close to their new home.

The choice of transport method is an initial consideration during the planning stage of your east coast to west coast relocation. For more information Click here and visit the Cross-Country Car Shipping website. Our business representatives can help you with more information so that you can take the right decision on the method of shipment for your vehicle.

How much does coast-to-coast auto transport coast?

Determining the cost to ship your vehicle from east coast to west coast can be a bit tricky.  Whatever the reason for relocating across the country, you will need to ship your second vehicle.  If you are all riding together in one vehicle, you don’t have much of a choice where the other is concerned unless there is someone else that you can entrust the driving duties to.  At Cross Country Car Shipping, the cost to ship your vehicle from coast to coast will depend on the following factors:

  • total moving distance
  • location of pick-up and delivery points
  • size and weight of the vehicle
  • condition and type of vehicle
  • transport method (see above)
  • time of year
  • current price of fuel

The primary factors will be the distance involved, size and weight of your vehicle, and whether you choose enclosed or open transport.  Keep in mind that with most auto shipping companies, you can expect to pay 40% to 60% more for enclosed transport.  Based on the factors above and national averages of enclosed and open auto transport rates, it costs roughly 40¢ per mile to ship a vehicle from east coast to west coast.

Thus, a distance of 3,000 miles would equate to a $1,200 transport fee for a standard vehicle or 4-door sedan.  The charge to transport a pick-up truck, SUV, or van will be slightly higher due larger vehicle status.  The value of the vehicle being shipped can add to the price when it’s classic, exotic, luxury, or vintage vehicle.  If you request expedited shipping and delivery, this will also add to the price.

Our expert team can reach out to help you get an accurate quote on your vehicle shipment. Allow us to help you as the bottom line is that you don’t need the added stress of transporting that second vehicle.  So why not contact Cross Country Car Shipping today at (888) 230-9834 or visit our website to learn more about coast-to-coast auto transport.