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Mesa’s Cheapest Car Moving Professionals

Mesa’s Cheapest Car Moving Professionals

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Welcome to Mesa’s top rated auto relocation specialists, Cross Country Car Shipping!

Getting a free quote is a great starting point for anyone preparing to ship a car across the country. We strive to make that process as simple as possible by providing straightforward service options, excellent communication and cost-effective solutions for getting your car from location to destination.

  • Local experience classic car shipping

Serving Mesa and the state of Arizona for more than 25 years

  • Environmentally friendly carriers

We are part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport program

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Our carriers are outfitted with GPS tracking so you can check the status of your auto delivery in real time

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When you choose Cross Country Car Shipping, your vehicle is protected and insured every step of the way

  • Storage facilities

We offer both short and long term storage solutions for our customers

  • Options and flexibility

With delivery terminals in every major metropolitan area in America, we provide more options in terms of routes, storage, timeframe and pricing than any other competitor in the business.

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Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Mesa

There are many methods for shipping a car across the country, especially for high-end or rare autos, but the following lists the primary options that most people decide between. There’s basically two methods of transport (open air and enclosed) and two methods of delivery (terminal to terminal or door to door) to choose. Below, we’ll give a basic description of each and why you may want to use it.

Open air transport

Open air transport is what you might think of when someone mentions car shipping: those large trucks on the highway, filled up with shiny new cars on their way to a dealership. This affordable, but does expose your vehicle to some risk, depending on weather and road conditions. Open air, terminal-to-terminal shipping is the cheapest way to move a car. 

Enclosed transport

Just like it sounds, enclosed transport protects your secured auto from the elements during transport. Generally speaking, there are options for hard and soft enclosure, which offer slightly different advantages depending on the time of year and service required. Enclosed transport is the preferred method for those shipping an expensive or high performance car.

Terminal-to-terminal shipping

Car shipping using a drop off and pick up terminal is the industry standard and a cost effective way to ship a car (in combination with open air shipping). This method involves driving your car to a nearby depot and retrieving it from the one closest to your destination. In most cases, this is not inconvenient as we have terminals in every major city across America.

Door-to-door transport

If you need your car picked up from its current location and delivered to a specific address, then door-to-door shipping is for you. Combining tremendous convenience and great value, door-to-door shipping is quite simply the most hassle-free method for shipping an auto. (Please note that the size of our carriers will sometimes prevent them from fitting into narrow streets, apartment complexes and areas with low hanging trees).

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