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San Francisco’s Most Affordable Vehicle Movers

San Francisco’s Most Affordable Vehicle Movers

As one of the West Coast’s “destination cities”, San Francisco is a popular choice among our customers that need a vehicle relocated from the East Coast to the West Coast or from the Midwest to California. We have drop off and pick up terminals in almost every major city across America and we can accommodate auto shipping in the areas in which we don’t. Here are some of the many services we offer in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area:

  • Interstate car moving (state-to-state)

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    We deliver vehicles to anywhere in the City!
  • Long distance and cross country vehicle shipping
  • Auto dealer inventory transport
  • Classic and antique auto shipping
  • New car delivery services
  • Exotic auto transport
  • Military vehicle & POV shipping
  • Storage facilities in every state in the U.S.
  • Truck, van and motorcycle transport
  • ATV and RV shipping

All of our auto delivery carriers come standard with satellite tracking to provide real time updates on the status of your vehicles(s). Our drivers undergo regular performance reviews to make sure they meet our company standards and customer expectations. Cross Country Car Shipping is a licensed, bonded and insured auto carrier serving the San Francisco area for more than two decades.

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Cross Country Auto Transport Options & Services

As a full service auto transport company, there are not many services in the industry that we don’t offer. With more than 25 years experience moving cars to every state in the U.S., we’ve transported vehicles to every corner of the world with our company signature of honesty, efficiency and affordability. When choosing how to ship your auto, it’s important to determine what type of carrier you’ll need and what type of transport is preferred. Here are the options with a brief explanation of each:

  • Open air transport

Open air transport is typically the type of service that most people are familiar with, either from having seen an auto carrier around their town or on the freeway hauling a truckload of new cars to a dealership. Open air transport is cost effective.

  • Enclosed transport

Just as you’d expect, enclosed transport offers more security and safety during auto shipping. An enclosed transport carrier protects your car from the elements, prying eyes and any hazards encountered while on the road. Enclosed transport is great for valuable and high-end vehicles.

  • Terminal-to-terminal

Terminal-to-terminal delivery refers to the drop off and pick up points for your vehicle, and can be used with either open air or enclosed shipping options. With terminal transport, you deliver the vehicle to the shipping terminal nearest to you and pick it up at the terminal nearest your final destination. We have terminals conveniently located throughout the U.S. and open air terminal-to-terminal transport is the cheapest way to move a car.

  • Door-to-door

Door-to-door auto delivery is a premium service that ships directly to your door (or as close as one of our carriers can safely get). In combination with enclosed transport, door-to-door shipping is the safest and most secure way to ship a vehicle. 

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San Francisco Auto Resources

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San Francisco International Auto Show – San Francisco’s International Auto Show celebrates its 55th year in November of 2013.